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Review by jacobslive See Profile

  • Location: San Jose,Santa Clara,CA
  • Cost: $30 per month
Good "Complete physical fax and alarm system support + fully functional 2nd line"
Bad "needs to improve customer support, lack of knowledge, website functions, softphone, smartphone app"
Overall "I may refer/recommend"
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I have been PP customer for nearly 2 years and was very happy until recently. However, their service start going down frequently and everytime we get a robotic response from the CS Rep that our engineers are working on it and they don't now when it will be fixed. When asked about why your services are going down so frequently... no response at all.

I have been writing +ve reviews about this company on different websites and referring my friends to them. However, it seems time to look around for more reliable service provider.

Update: 12/31/2011

Please see the attachment and read the recent experience for poor customer support.

What happened to those best PP customer care staff?

I was a phone-power customer for nearly 3 years and really enjoyed the service and outstanding customer care from PP. Nearly a year ago I have switched to another company to accommodate my requirement and budget. Right now I have 3 VOIP lines in the house. As we have moved from east to west, I have obtained a MJ plus with a very good phone number. Recently been to PP website and found pretty attractive deal that will accommodate my current requirements and I was expecting the same better service that I had in the past, oh boy I was wrong!

Day 1.

Went to local Frys to get a PP adapter bundle. Store 1 had a opened/customer returned pack which I didn't want to try because I didn't want to get messed up with the re-activation issues involved. Went to Store 2 and got a brand new pack. Came home and started activation process, here comes the starting trouble...

PP wont let me activate the adapter saying that it is not a retail adapter that I can activate online. Being a computer support professional for 14+ yrs I knew it is a adapter/mac authorization issue. Being a support guy I never pretend to be tech savvy when dealing with customer support as no one likes competition Assuming this is a technical issue, I started online chat with "tech" person and explained the situation and copy pasted the error message I got from PP website. To my surprise this guy transferred the chat to "sales" department :O. Ok, I thought I might be wrong and it is a sales issue and continued to chat with sales rep and she suggested me that I should call the "billing" department. Well, I called the "billing" department and learned PP "sales" and "billing" is same department. Here it goes again, explained from beginning, this girl understood its a technical issue and transferred me to "tech" support. Again, explained the situation (4th) time to the technical guy, after listening carefully this guys wanted to transfer me to "sales" department!!! Ok, time up, that is it, I lost my temper. I raised my volume this time and asked this guy to stop bouncing me from sales to tech to billing to sales! Ok now he started realizing I hate the bouncing game and agreed to help me. After putting me on hold for 2-3 minutes he figured out the issue as I guessed. Mac ID not in their authorized devices list! He added my device mac ID to their system and I was able to proceed with the registration. I thanked him and he wanted to know from where (store and location) I got this device and I gave him that info.

Completed online registration process and requested to transfer my number from MJ plus. I got a order confirmation email saying that I will get another email with the service activation notification.

Upon login to "my account" on PP website it says my service should be activated after midnight.

Day 2.

Midnight gone, mid day came. I got dial tone on my device, but wont let me dial any numbers. My account page stuck on after mid night message. Curious to know what happened I called the billing department and the lady told me MJ rejected my porting request and my service is not activated. Hello, PP should have shoot an email to me informing me the situation at least! Well I kept this thought to myself and asked the lady the reason for rejection. She said, MJ wants my account number and the pin number. Now, I asked the lady, will I be able to use the service during the number porting process or do I have to wait until the number porting completed? She said, I should be able to make outgoing calls while waiting for number porting, but incoming will work only after porting completed. But to do this, I should get the account number and pin from MJ and give it to PP. I knew she is right as I ported number to PP in the past and it was the same situation that time. I thanked the lady and hang up.

Now I called MJ and got the account number and the pin number. Called back PP billing again. This time another lady came to phone. Explained the situation, she checked the past call record. She took the account number and pin number. This time I asked her when the service will be activated so that I can start making outgoing calls. She said 3-10 business days! I said I am not asking about number porting but service activation, she said she understood that and repeated 3-10 business days.

I believe I am stuck now as PP initiated number porting and I don't want lose my number. So I have no other option but to wait 3-10 business days.

PP surely has to concentrate on employee training. Their customer support was not like this in the past. I never had such a horrible experience in the past with PP. Tech guys were so good as they exactly new what they were doing, not anymore! So sad! I was planning to move my other 2 numbers to PP, but now I realized that it would be another horrible mistakes, so never again!

UPDATE 02/01/2012:

Today I got a call from Ms. C from PP and apologized for the inconvenience. She promised me to activate the line with a temp. # until my number port is completed. Within minutes the service was up and running. I am able to make and receive calls to the temp. # assigned.

At this point I would request PP to insert a small info to their website advising for those who trying to port their number to PP with their initial order that the service will not be activated until number porting is completed, if that is the PP policy. I could not find this information anywhere in the KB or Order page on PP website.

I would like to thank and appreciate Ms. C for stepping in and correcting the situation. Apart from activation process, I would still request PP to advise it's care staff to carefully understand the issue and resolve it rather than bouncing between departments. That's where it makes the difference of PhonePower Customer Care

UPDATE 08/20/2012: After I came back to PP and has been with them for nearly 8 months, other than the initial glitch I did not have any problem. I also ported a second number to PP and I have 2 numbers with 2 ATAs working with them. So far all is well.

We a group of PhonePower fan boys also created a place to discuss about phonepower services, you are always welcome to join us at www.phonepowersupport.com

UPDATE 12/12/12

It is been almost an year with PP again and ATA is working perfectly fine to make and receive calls. In this update, I just downgraded their website rating and and value for money to to neutral (3). Reason for this downgrades are:

1. Their forum section has become a haven for spammers.

2. Their website goes down randomly multiple times of a day.

3. They have failed to fix their soft phone and smartphone app.

4. Website lacks tablet browsing support

5. They have introduced new feature and broken many of existing features.

6. Call log has no reliability.

For most of the above issues they have no ETAs or they are reluctant to rectify the issues.

At this time I have decided to stay on month-to-month basis which will be around $30+ a month including tax+service fee etc. Time for Holiday shopping? :P

UPDATE 01/12/2013

I had to pull one number out from PhonePower due to their greed for money. I had two numbers from them and at the end of contract for one number I asked them if they can combine two numbers and keep one number as a virtual number. They said yes, but one problem, the money I paid for the second number (prepaid for 1+1 year) will be forfeited. The second number been into service for just 6+ months and they want to forfeit nearly $150? Yeah, right!

Customer service became lousy. If seeking customer support via email, forget it. They will never respond. At the same time if you ask a question where there is a chance they can get more money from you, you will get a response within hours. If you need support to step in you have to put your concern in their public forum.

For most prepaid plans, once the initial contract is over, you will pay premium price, whether month to month, yearly or 24 months. I really do not mind paying bit extra for solid service. But, at the same time I would need all the offered add ons to work fine as well. They have a sofphone for for Mac that doesn't work. They have buggy iOS app that never works properly. None of them were fixed or there was no intention to fix with a standard reply, sorry no ETA. I have seen no ETA for 9+ months. Their SIP credential won't work with well known SIP clients. They have users forum (which is great), but it is a spammer's paradise. They wipe out customer's posts along with spams. Certainly not acceptable for the price after promotional offer.

I would recommend PhonePower for those who just care about a working ATA/SIP phone to make/receive phone calls, but nothing else such as add ons.

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