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  • Location: Altamont,Albany,NY
  • Cost: $19 per month (24 month contract)
Good "Its cheap"
Bad "I have problems making outgoing calls. People have problems making incoming calls."
Overall "It was good before I signed up for 2 years. Major regrets. Won't do it again."
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I am extremely disappointed with Phone Power. I had the service for two
years with minimal problems.

A month ago, I dropped to the lower rate and signed up for two years.
HUGE mistake. I can't wait until the two years are up. I will never have
phone service with them again. One of two things happens. When people
are trying to call me, they get a message that says I no longer have
phone service. I DO have phone service. The cost of it is automatically
charged to my credit card every month. There is no chance there is a
lack of payment problem.

When I called support for help with this problem, they told me that I
had to have the phone number from which this person (or people) called
and the time they called. How can I have the phone number and time of
the call when the person (or people) can't even call me to talk to me. If they can't call
me to talk to me, they can't call me to tell me they tried calling me
and were told I didn't have phone service.

My second problem is that when I try to make an outgoing call, I can
not. I get a message that says "We're sorry. Your call can not be
completed at this time. Please try your call later." Why? Why can't I
make a call? Nothing is wrong with MY system.

So now I can't make outgoing calls and I can't get incoming calls. Take
my advice. Do not use Phone Power for your phone service. You will be
sorely disappointed.

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lodged 3.2 years ago