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Review by textech See Profile

  • Location: Highland Lakes,Sussex,NJ
  • Cost: $15 per month (24 month contract)
Good "Price, Website Features, First 2 Years for $199"
Bad "Reliability is bad, Forced 2 Year Contract for acceptable pricing with $99 disconnect fee, Reliablility, Qaulity of sound"
Overall "Do Not Use This Company"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I wanted this Phone Service to work for me badly. There were many things about it I liked, but the Phone became an unreliable nuisance over time. I stuck it out for over 2 years and it progressively got worse. The problems were so intermittent that it made it difficult to get Phone Power to listen to my problems. They required me to keep a log of numbers received, numbers called, dates, times, and description of issue with tasked performed to correct on own. They were a complete drag to deal with. I read so many complaints of others having the same problems I had it was evident they had defects in their service yet they always acted like this was something new to them. Infuriating was what my phone became to me and my family.

I always knew it was PowerPhone, because my business phone was MagicJack and I never encountered issues with their phone service. I used my MagicJack Phone continuously all day and never found myself having an issue with that phone, but the PhonePower phone would cause some communications issue many times throughout the month.

Then there is the $99 disconnect fee they charge you for becoming fed up with the problems you are having. I hate paying unnecessary charges, but over time I was so happy to ditch this Phone I probably would have paid twice that to end my relationship with them.

Anyone that must tack on a $99 dollar disconnection fee, must be in the field not for a Valued Service but for a Valueless Service simply for the purpose of taking peoples money.

Learn from me and stay away from this Phone Service.

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