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Review by topgun See Profile

  • Location: Plattsburgh,Clinton,NY
  • Cost: $16 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Excellent tech support, Features we love, Saying GBye to Verizon :)"
Bad "No flux capicator\Mr Fusion to re-do past conversations :("
Overall "Best mix of support, features, and reliability I have found"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

My Other Reviews

Been a customer for 4 1/2 years now through thick and thin. I have seen the Good, Bad, and the Ugly. The main complaints I have read are dealing with the Incoming Call Manager (ICM) on the newer Aquarius network. That is to be expected because peeps are impatient and even though they were told repeatedly that ICM is\was in BETA they still expect everything to work flawlessly. Of course when it doesn't it; the Taylor Trolls come out from under the bridge and we all know misery likes company on the internet hence the smear reviews.

Got my hands on the new Innomedia MTA-6328 about 6 months ago and have been loving it. Provisions in less the 30 seconds and since PhonePower can securely tunnel into for support issues the End User experience is much more enjoyable. Much better then the old HT-502 which I would almost forget I was using VoIP until I would have to reboot it for my phone service to work every week or two. Not a big deal mostly just a PITA. Now I don't even think about me using VoIP it just works

I can usually reach a Tier 1 tech within an 10 minutes and depending how busy they are a Tier 2 within 1-12 hours. It really depends on how swamped they get. Like most businesses the best time to call is early in the mourning or late afternoon.

If I find anything more out I'll add it; as always thanks for reading any comments are welcome!


Been a customer since 12/3/2008 so I'll be going on my forth year this winter. Originally had a buy one year get a year free deal. Now they keep throwing my peeps & I renewal specials for being a valued customers. 3

Originally ported my # from Verizon and it was dumb luck the port went through within the hour of receiving my Grandstream HT-502. Any problems I experienced with voice quality was do to Verizon DSL (they switched to me another router @ the CO) about a year into my PP service.

Reliability has been outstanding I only remember 2 multi-hour outages, one from a router going bad and the other a major DOS attack. It can\does happen to every telephone service provider I have been with including Verizon (s!@t happens). To bad some jealous competitors try to make a failed smear campaign from it »

I have watched them grow from the older (Capricorn) network to (Aquarius) which has more advanced call routing, filtering, fail-over, etc. Been loving the new Android app (still in BETA) along with many others in the PhonePower forum. Despite all the growth they still make you feel like your not just a number and will call me back just to make sure a ticket was resolved. When I first signed up I knew allot of the staff by name, with their tremendous growth not so easy anymore but hey it keeps my brain working.

Just now got off the phone with support and they answered withing 5 minutes! Since I'm using their new Innomedia ATA I confirmed that with tech support that they can access my device with no problems. Which is good if they ever needed to Troubleshoot anything related to the intertubes. My ole Grandstream was and still is a great rock solid ATA and served me well but for whatever reason the new Innomedia has cleared up some latency issues.

Rated Website 75% - Although the backend works fine for everyone I know; it could be a little more streamlined\intuitive for newbs but definitely not a deal breaker. I'm hoping the new ICM will include a nice slick polished GUI all geeks\newbs alike want. Aquarius is definitely a BIG improvement from Capricorn!

Ease of Installation 75% - Lets face it 100% Plug N Play Residential VoIP would be like us humans talking to our computers like they do in Star Trek (not happening). PhonePower makes it as painless as possible with clear directions, tech support, FAQ, etc. If you are purchasing PP you may need to get your feet wet doing some trouble shooting, opening ports, etc. I had to call tech support to help me out with above ^ again not a deal breaker. Just be aware when using any VoIP service you may have occasional minor hiccups.

Call Quality 100% - PP does not control the public internet or my ISP I can't fault them for the one in every 50 calls not being perfect. With people using VoIP, cell phones, old aging copper, elusive payphones, rating something so subjective with so many variables just does not seem fair to me. Far as I'm concerned PP has cleared the bar enough times so they get perfect from me.

Reliability 100% - For how long I have been a customer vs. how much downtime I have experienced due to acts beyond their control I'm not complaining. My ISP has many more outages! Every time I had to call 911 the call was routed properly and the E911 worked flawlessly.

Tech Support 100% - Call them yourself and ask them questions, don't take my word?

Value for money 100% - Ask your cable company, Landline, Wireless Carrier, etc. if they can give you all the features PP offers for 20\month or less. That's all I have to say about that..hehe

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Phone Power is terrible at this point.

If they don't fix my problem I'm going to slam them on the internet. Been going on for a week now.



Re: Phone Power is terrible at this point.

Can you PM me your account info and I can look in to what is going on?