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Review by mjames75 See Profile

  • Location: Stafford,Stafford,VA
  • Cost: $24 per month
Good "Great Price, Feature packed, Free cloned line, Unlimited International calling"
Bad "Flakey service at best. Very inconsistent, Call quality is below average"
Overall "This service would be top notch if they work out the persistent availability and quality issues"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
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Value for money:

I am really trying to like the service, but it has been trying my patience from day 1. It started with international calling. Apparently there was a routing issue. After a few days that got resolved. On top of this, inbound and outbound calling are hit or miss. On inbound calling, 3 out of 10 times the call will go straight to voice mail. On outbound calling, at least once per day I will get all cirtuits are busy. Im using FreePBX by the way. I know that its not a problem with my setup because I also have SIP service with voipvoip and I havent had a single problem Inbound or outbound. I always check the voipvoip line whenever there are problems with phonepower and the voipvoip line is always ready to go. I have a log of every time I get line congestion messages, and its way to often to ignore.

On a good note you cant beat the international calling feature and the cloned line.

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Please ask for help before posting a negative review

The vast majority of Phone Power customers enjoy excellent reliability. The fact that another trunk on your PBX is problem-free does not prove that your setup is correct, because providers differ in NAT traversal and handling of multiple registrations.

It should not be difficult to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

Besides FreePBX, are any other devices (ATA, softphone, smartphone app, etc.) registered directly to your Phone Power account? If so, have you confirmed that the inbound issue persists when only the PBX is registered? When only an ATA is registered?

Does your PBX have a public IP address? If not, please post make and model of router and modem, along with any special settings such as port forwarding that you have configured.

Cleveland, OH

Checked for an ALG?

Typically dropped registration issues like that are caused by an ALG transforming ports, then closing the pinhole after the fact. Perform a capture when your system tries to register with wireshark, and make sure both the source and destination ports match up. This is one of the most common problems with PBX's/SIP credentials.



Update 12/18

I reviewed the problem with the technician that you worked with earlier today and it looks like there were a couple of issues. Any time where there was a call to the number and the call went to VM we noticed that your end point wasn't responding to the invite. This in turn invokes the unavailable call forwarding which sends the call to voicemail.

The issues that you worked on today regarding your registration brought something to light in that your firewall was re shaping traffic in a manner that was causing the service to fail.

We hope to hear from you soon once you get the firewall/router issues sorted out.