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  • Location: Independence,Buchanan,IA
  • Cost: $4 per month
Good "Low cost DIDs, pay as you go calling, bring your own device"
Bad "none"
Overall "Excellent quality, reliabilty, and value"
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·Dish Network
I've been using Callcentric for long distance since mid 2008 and I have not had any issues.

Reliability has been great. If there has been any downtime I haven't noticed it. And people I call haven't noticed any difference in call quality. **UPDATE** There was a day or two of downtime during Hurricane Sandy when Callcentric, as well as other providers in their building, lost commercial power and employees were forced to evacuate. They are located across the street from the New York Stock Exchange and have redundant power feeds, so power failures almost never happen. Sandy was the exception. While it was an inconvenience to me, in the grand scheme of things it's not a big deal. I've been without landline service from the phone company for weeks due to disasters in the past.

In 2010 I switched all of my phone service to Callcentric, and ported my Qwest DID to them. It's working exactly as expected.

The cost is $3.45 per month for a local number with E911. Outgoing domestic calls are 1.9 cents per minute and incoming is around 1.5 cents. They do have unlimited incoming plans, but for me the per minute plan is cheaper.

Tech support has been top notch. When I have a question it gets answered in 15 - 20 minutes in a professional manner. Requested a local DID that wasn't even listed on their website as an available area and they got it ordered and provisioned in one business day.

Callcentric includes a lot of great features and all of them are easy to use. Other voip providers may have more features, but their often very difficult to figure out.

Overall, I'm impressed with Callcentric and highly recommend their service. Sure, you can get "Unlimited" service for around $8 from some other providers, but be prepared for issues and they will always be "on your end". I tried another provider, and when they claimed my router was causing lots of audio issues I decided to drop them and go back to Callcentric because it "just works" without having to tweak any router settings or jump through any hoops.

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