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Review by scott2020 See Profile

  • Location: El Dorado Springs,Cedar,MO
  • Cost: $27 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "Call quality, support, web portal, fax support"
Bad "Pricey"
Overall "The best VOIP provider out there now"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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UPDATE 9/7/11

I have tried literally every VOIP provider featured on BBR, and Callcentric always tops them all. They are more expensive than many others, but you get what you pay for. If you want no hassle phone service with a lot of flexibility that just works, go with Callcentric. They have come down on their e911 fees and added many other features, and it works. My biggest need is to call rural areas, and most other providers are terminating with some garbage carrier so the audio quality is terrible, calls don't go through, and various other issues. Callcentric terminates every call correctly every time, with better than POTS audio quality. Check them out!


I have tried many different VOIP providers including Broadvoice, future-nine, Axvoice, Voip your life, Vitelity, and others. For my needs, CallCentric has topped them all. Their customer support ticket system is great. I was reluctant at first because they have no one to call, but all of my questions are answered within minutes. I had to change around some DID's and using the ticket system, it was done in 30 minutes. They are very responsive. They are not the least expensive provider, but if customer service matters to you, CallCentric is the way to go. No being on hold for 30 minutes with them!

The bad part is they charge $2.37 a month (I believe) for E911, which is quite high. In the end, I pay $19.99 for unlimited out, $5.95 for unlimited in, $2.37 for E911 and a little for tax/other fees. More than I wanted to spend on VOIP, but the quality, service, and reliability make the few extra dollars a month worth it.

If they can add the CNAM option and some of the other features listed by others in the reviews, they would be perfect!

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