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Six Month Rating

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Review by sgarrand See Profile

  • Location: West Brookfield,Worcester,MA
  • Cost: $9 per month
Good "Good quality, low prices, excellent support."
Bad "Not always perfect quality in limited use."
Overall "Callcentric has been a useful service to have."
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**Update 11/29/10**

I haven't really used Callcentric a lot lately because we use our cell phones but when I have called my Brother's landline in MD it has been poor quality some of the time. That fact has really been a reason for not using it so it's been more of a number parking or "paid Google Voice" service to me lately. We'll see if my usage patterns change.

**Update 12/1/09**

Bought a printer with fax today and it works great. I've sent and received several faxes without any difficulty. Aside from this, nothing has changed.

**Update 5/24/09**

On 5/5/09 I ported my VOIPo number over to Callcentric. All went well and I am very happy with this company. They answered all my questions quickly and communicated very well throughout the porting process. With Google Voice for outgoing and Callcentric for incoming I'm getting high quality, inexpensive phone service. No complaints at all so far.

Changed price from $6 to $9 because I swapped out a dirt cheap DID for my ported number. Right now I have one dirt cheap DID for $3 and my ported number for $6.


A few months ago I decided to look for a backup to my VOIPo service, which has been poor quality for me. I had an old Callcentric account for free and so I looked at their "dirt cheap DID" not expecting to see my little podunk town listed. It was! I used that DID for a while and their low outgoing rate with no issues. I had caller ID blocked by mistake so a 626 area code showed up (this is the default) but their support cleared that up in record time. I've gotten used to VOIPo taking a few days to respond to a ticket but Callcentric replied within minutes. Excellent support!

Today I went looking for a second "dirt cheap DID" and found one in Jacksonville, FL without a problem. Now my Mother in law can call without issues. No more echo or noises.

Next thing to do will be to port from VOIPo to Callcentric. That'll make one of the numbers $6 instead of $3 but that's okay. I'm just not sure what I did with the box the GS502 from VOIPo came in. I'm not even sure if they want it back. I'll ask Tim.

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