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  • Location: www.toao.net
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Overall "Callcentric's support and dependable service gives them an excellent reputation."
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Callcentric is one of the more popular VoIP providers on this forum, in part due to their technical support which is arguably the best in the industry. Their techs are famous for responding to questions in minutes.

I would like to mention some of Callcentric's features rarely found on other VoIP providers. (This is not an exhaustive list of all of their features, just the ones I find particularly useful.)

Extensions - Callcentric now offers extensions which makes it very easy to use multiple devices with their service.

Free Phone Number - Callcentric's free New York phone numbers fall into the category of "too good to be true", but it's true. I'm delighted to say that as per Callcentric's usual excellence, the Free phone number works just as well as a non-free phone number.

Calling Card - you may route a DID to the Calling Card feature or use one of Callcentric's local access numbers and make calls at Callcentric rates. You may set up multiple passwords of up to 10 digits and view reports of DISA usage for each password.

Call treatments - you may route specific calls to a variety of locations based on incoming Caller ID (wildcards are accepted), called number, or status. What is especially useful is that you may adjust the order with which treatments are applied. If a number could match a couple of rules, you can specify which rule should take priority.

Outgoing caller id number - Callcentric allows you to configure outgoing Caller ID to be some number not in your Callcentric account, but only if they have already verified that you are the owner of this number. While this no doubt requires extra staff time, I applaud them for preventing Caller ID spoofing.

IP Freedom account - Callcentric very kindly offers their "IP Freedom" account at no charge. It allows you to place calls to SIP URIs or other Callcentric customers, for free. One reason this is very useful is that it can be difficult to set up SIP-to-SIP calls if both users are behind NAT. Placing Callcentric in the middle makes it much easier.

SIP 486 "Busy Here" - Callcentric correctly reports this when you call a number that is busy. Many other VoIP providers I have tried do not. I find this useful in making my PBX respond correctly to such calls.

T.38 - Callcentric is one of the few VoIP providers that support T.38, which allows you to send and receive faxes with great reliability. T.38 is not always available on all of their routes, so you should configure G.711 fallback just in case. I wish that one day I could pay an extra fee for guaranteed T.38 support.

Callcentric has a feature that will convert incoming faxes to PDF. They will email you the PDF, or for higher security, email you a notification and you may download it from their website over SSL. Of all the (many!) fax-to-PDF services I've tried, Callcentric has my favourite user interface. This feature supports ECM.

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