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Six Month Rating

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Review by ab2844 See Profile

  • Location: Staten Island,Richmond,NY
  • Cost: $28 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Call Treatments and Voice Mail notification"
Overall "Convenient"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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February 2013 - Just an update. Still using Callcentric for my primary house phone. No plans of changing service providers any time soon. Staff accommodating to needs.


February 2012 - Still a customer of Callcentric. Have not had any problems with their service yet. Not sure if it is a feature of the service or not, but I almost never get any telemarketing calls on my private line. Also, I went out of country over the summer, and the company helped me setup a line abroad so that I could call it and be forwarded back to the States. Similarly, anyone who called my number in the States was forwarded to my cellphone number abroad, at no extra cost.

I'm still happy with Callcentric's features and available staff.


October 12- All is still great. I can always count on Callcentric to avoid telemarketers day or night with the call treatments. Never be bothered while sleeping again.


July 15 - on top of the below:

Using Callcentric from Island Seas hotel (Bahamas) directly from my iPhone with a help of SipPhone app. Still can't believe that all my calls are rated at the same rates as from home (zero)... It's like the rest of other "all inclusive" things I have here. Life is wonderful


I've been using Callcentric for about 3 years now and they have been providing a very convenient service for my needs. I'm not a telecommunications whiz, but I was able to find everything I needed right from the home screen. My favorite feature is the call treatment. I set it when I don't want to be disturbed or when I go away. I use two settings. One that forwards all my calls straight to voicemail when I go to sleep and one that forwards all my calls to my cellphone when I'm not home. I also like being notified when I have new voice messages. My phone doesn't let me know unless I go into the messaging menu, so I often miss important messages. Having them on my Callcentric home screen allows me to see and hear all of my messages as soon as they're left, and I don't even have to be home for it. Overall, I think Callcentric is a great provider of the simple things that make life just a bit easier.

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