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Review by natalykm See Profile

  • Location: Philadelphia,Philadelphia,PA
  • Cost: $7 per month
Good "High quality service and support, clear calls, great control panel, lots of features"
Bad "None"
Overall "Best provider, great service"
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Call Quality:
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We use Callcentric service at home 4.5 years already.
We use it a lot for both domestic (USA) and international calling to Russia, Uzbekistan, Israel, etc.
The call quality is always excellent.
Their website is great and lets you control everything you'd need from it.
They have a lot of features and keep adding new ones all the time.
Excellent customer support.

Reliable and feature reach provider - I don't think there is anyone else who is more suitable to my needs (and in my budget range).

June 12/11
I've discovered that a simul/multi-ring is now available - what a great feature!
Oct. 11/09
Still very happy user - so far so good; I'm using call treatments now - would be even
happier if they implemented simultaneous or multi-ring feature.
Feb. 05/12
Recently i had a home network problem and Callcentric customer support helped me to resolve it very quickly. Thank you Callcentric!
Feb. 04/13
I'm using Callcentric for my primary house phone now and I'm very happy about it
and i don't need any other providers, Callcentric does it all !
Aug. 10/14
Callcentric is still my primary and only line at home and I can't be any happier ! Thank you Callcentric for the grate service !

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