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Six Month Rating

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Review by Trimline See Profile

  • Location: Orlando,Orange,FL
  • Cost: $24 per month
  • Install: about -1 days
Good "Easy setup, excellent sound quality, excellent support."
Bad "Nothing any longer."
Overall "Doing much better. Give them a try."
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·Bright House
28May2013 Update

Still humming along with CC. I really do like the new features introduced and will port in a number to them when a good porting deal is offered.

Their G722 is tops.

27Oct2012 Update

Things have calmed down and my connection is restored. There are many configuration changes, or I should say options, you can set to resume a normal call quality.

I would like to reiterate that CC has probably the best BYOD offering on the market. They do have HD which is why I prefer them, and did I say you can have fax line as well. Just let CS know you are running a line in fax mode and you'll be set.

Also, on some DID's, they can set the outbound CNAM. You just need to ask.


25Oct21012 Update

After 3 weeks of spotty service due to a DDOS attack, sorry CC.

12Nov10 Update
Still going strong, no issues. I have 3 lines now in the office; one now is the wife's line that is forwarded from at&t - she can't live without that copper. On the third ring, it forwards to the CC line that is connected to the Panasonic SIP wireless phone system. Also, the outbound CNAM is the same on the at&t line; just don't tell anyone, especially her.

I ordered CC on the pay as you go plan, not thinking I would be really using it very much. My plan was to use mainly for international dialing.

Quite the opposite happened; I am thrilled with the call quality and switched it over to the North American plan. I now use this as my primary phone and dropped all the "extras" on my AT&T line.

The service is outstanding, took no time to register and make calls. Plugged in my SPA-2000 and entered the required fields as found in their support section. Flawless service with no surprises.

A very satisfied customer.

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updated 1.4 years ago

PX Eliezer70
Hutt River

1 edit

Welcome back to the fight/This time I know our side will win

Thanks for recommending CallCentric again.

They have worked very hard to overcome a brutal external attack, and now will become a better company than ever.

There may be challenges yet to come, but those will be met.


Sheffield Lake, OH

I hope the attacks are done.....

The new settings really did help keep us working in spite of the attacks.

Glad to have CallCentric back to health. I knew it would get right... just didn't think it would be under attack for WEEKS!

Welcome back.
New York, NY
·Verizon FiOS

Outbound CNAM, on per DID basis, is now user configurable

Dear Trimline - thank you for being CC's valued customer, for staying with us during hard time of [2012] October's DDoS attacks and hurricane Sandy, for taking time to prepare and keeping updated your review!

Since last portal's update [May 20, 2013] you don't anymore need to ask CC's support for changing your outbound CNAM.

The CNAM, on per DID basis, is now manageable directly from user's portal.

The setting of outbound CNAM is available for both residential (first name, second name) and business (company name) content for ALL US and Canadian DID types.

More features to come soon; your request/advise about [lowering] the LNP fee is being considered at highest priority - you may begin "preparing" a DID you wish to port in )

B/w - during a year already, Callcentric performs Toll Free DID port-ins as well as Toll Free number vanity search for FREE. To my knowledge - no other provider [today] does it for free.

Tag?, What Tag? TAG You're it.

Anna, TX
·Grayson County T..


Does Callcentric have redundancy now? I left because Hurricane Sandy turned them off and I am in Texas and my phone didn't work. I still have a basic account that is not used though. I would consider coming back if they have a backup servers not in New York.