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Six Month Rating

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  • Location: Washington,Warren,NJ
  • Cost: $28 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Overall Reliability and Stability"
Bad "Rare Lingering anomalies involving call waiting and outbound carriers"
Overall "One of the best that I've used"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

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11/01/2010 I've decided to port my number to yet another VOIP provider in search of that elusive perfect provider. Overall, I feel that CallCentric is one of the best providers that I've used, I still experienced lingering but rare anomalies with outgoing call quality and call waiting transfers. Off to voip.ms....

08/29/2010 CallCentric continues to be the sole provider of "telephone" service for my home. Due to rare lingering anomalies involving call waiting transfers and echo on local calls that I originate, I decided to swap ATAs from the PAP2T to a Zoom 5801. I can't say with certainty that either issue has been resolved, but considering the relative infrequency of these issues and the tedious nature of the technical support process involving these types of issues, I've decided to leave well enough alone. Again, I feel that CallCentric is the best of the several suppliers of this type of product that I've used.

05/09/2010 All considered, I feel that CallCentric has provided the best overall service of the several VOIP providers that I've tried over the past 3 years. That being said, I have experienced a handful of quality or reliability issues since the last update and have reported them via CallCentric's support system. I voiced frustration with the repetitive nature of trouble shooting process and received a rather terse response.

03/29/2010 CallCentric made some changes to call routing on their end which eliminated the echo that I was experiencing. Unfortunately, another call quality issue then began, it was what I described as voice peak clipping on incoming calls that created a periodic clicking sound. At about the same time CallCentric experienced what they described as a complete "back end" system failure, and after recovering from it, their usual good call quality returned.

03/22/2010 I am experiencing my voice echo back when I initiate a call to the PSTN. I have a high bandwidth, low latency, low jitter connection to the CallCentric server. I have requested an escalation of my issue via the only tech support system. Details to follow

9/7/09 I ported my long time telephone number over to Callcentric from Vonage. The porting process completed 2 days after the stated date. At this point all that I can say about the service is that it works as telephone service should. Initially I configured a Cisco ATA186 for the service and found that the voice mail message waiting indicator and stutter tone were not working. After some advanced trouble shooting with CallCentric tech support it was conclusively determined that the Cisco device was rejecting, as too long, the SIP CALL ID string that CallCentric was generating when communicating about the VMWI status with the ATA. I was never able to determine whether Cisco or CallCentric was non-compliant with the the appropriate SIP standard for CALL ID string length. I took the easy way out and replaced the aging Cisco device with a new Linksys PAP2T-NA that I purchased from a reputable vendor and it has been smooth sailing since. The monthly cost listed is for unlimited incoming calls and enhanced 911. I pay less than $.02/minute for my outgoing calls.

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