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Six Month Rating

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Review by Sly See Profile

  • Location: Johnson City,Washington,TN
  • Cost: $8 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Everything works, wonderful website, inexpensive, features"
Bad "unknown"
Overall "I can't say enough good about them"
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Call Quality:
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I've been with Callcentric for a few months now after leaving Packet8. Been with VoIP since 2003 so I've been through a lot of growing pains... Of all the problems I thought were inherent with VoIP (missed calls, dropped packets, one way audio), I have NONE of them with Callcentric. I feel very comfortable using the service. I have not yet had a call that sounded bad or dropped out in the middle of the conversation. Simply put, it's as reliable as POTS if not more...

I do wish they had call roaming or "follow me/ find me". I liked this feature with Packet8. If I was unavailable to get a call, then it would forward to my cell phone instead of voicemail.

I do love their call treatments section. You can do just about anything... I have mine set so that numbers I want to block get a "disconnected" message. I also send all anonymous calls to voice mail. If the network is down and my phone is unregistered, I have calls go to my cell... You can't get this kind of fall back with POTS.

I am extremely impressed with their web site. Very easy to use and self explanatory. I have had no problems with billing and the email notifications they send out to notify when you account balance is low is nice too.

I don't really like giving all 5 stars in a review but Callcentric gives me no choice. I really have to rate them a perfect 5 stars because they really haven't given me a reason not to... Just work on the call roaming guys....

[update] It's been awhile since I updated. Since my first posting Callcentric has added the features I wanted. I can now do call hunting and I have a fallback option to another number in case my VoIP line goes down. This is simply the most trouble free, flawless phone system I have ever had. It doesn't need any maintenance or periodic resets to keep working. It just works... I ported an old number in about 6 months ago when I dropped my cell phone service. So now I get to park my cell phone number with Callcentric for about $2/month and whenever I decide to get another cell phone, I will still have that number available for transfer.

I don't know when the last time I had to contact support. It's been a year or two... I just really don't have any problems with this service. A+.

[update] I've been with Callcentric for a few years now and I stand by my belief that they are one of the best phone providers out there. They have continued to add new features, maintain reliable service and keep their prices low and their customer service high. Still one of the best.

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Quincy, IL


I also would give Callcentric good reviews. I used them for about 3 years. Have you looked at the Call Treatments page recently? I think you can do "Follow-Me", you might have to choose either follow me or voice mail.