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Six Month Rating

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Review by wavesound See Profile

  • Location: Bolton,Worcester,MA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Very Good Call Quality and Reliability"
Bad "Toll-free calls are not free, cannot set outbound Caller ID, no DR plan for power failure..."
Overall "Excellent Choice for Inbound DIDs and Excellent Support"
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Call Quality:
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I have been using Callcentric for about 6 months and I am very pleased with their service.

I have around 6 DIDs with Callcentric. The call quality is excellent and reliable.

I was having issues with TrixBox and after some headaches, we discovered that the Fonality folks fell far behind with the Asterisk releases. The version of Asterisk packaged with Trixbox has issues with Callcentric. We switched to Elastix and never looked back.

Although outbound call termination was also excellent, we stopped using Callcentric for outbound calls we discovered that they charge for toll-free termination. There are plenty of providers that will terminate those calls free of charge and offer better rates. We still use Callcentric as a backup route in case our primary provider fails.

The last issue I have is outbound CID. While I understand their policy, I still don't like it.

I'm giving Callcentric a low rating on value for money because while I think they have offer a great deal on incoming DIDs, their outbound rates are a bit high and toll-free termination should be *free*.

Lastly, Callcentric does not appear to have a disaster recovery plan for handling a power failure at their primary data center. Accordingly, we have adjusted our rating to reflect this. Not having a plan to migrate services to another facility, particularly with telecom is unacceptable.

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Sunnyvale, CA

Toll-Free is toll free via SIP Broker

Yes, CC fails to tell you ANY call put out on PTSN by their equipment incurs a charge.

However, if you dial through SIPBroker, it is $0 to place the call. From CC, dial **275 to get to SIPBroker and then:

*1800, *1866, *1877, or *1888

If you are up to speed on dial plans, you can send Toll-Free calls via SIPBroker just by dialing the 18xx number.