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Six Month Rating

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Review by nonymous See Profile

  • Location: Glendale,Maricopa,AZ
  • Cost: $10 per month
  • Install: about 15 days
Good "I like their ticketing support, just works, security"
Bad "none"
Overall "No qualms recommending to right users."
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I have had Callcentric for a few years now. Main home line switched over around a year ago.

Just works even with the slight latency to back east. Some others have servers everywhere. Do not notice any difference.

Support is via ticket system. Used it a couple years ago for questions and got quick responses. Used it during home number port and same. Responses were on target.

Cost is fine for pay as go. Not the cheapest but it works out. We did switch some home calling to in network cell phone for my wife’s family. Plus she loves text messages. So since cannot eliminate the cells might as well use the unlimited in as they are not cheap.

The Callcentric for incoming is unlimited. We use it and it works. Outgoing probably light usage but keeps cost down and does work. Like said cannot eliminate cell anyways so put some in network cell calls to that.

WAF is fine as I still find our cordless phones everywhere in the house and no complaints.

The providers who have say buy one year get another year free unlimited just annoy me. Once you sign up have to hope you get an upgrade promotion. Did have one of them years ago for a second line.

Callcentric seems security happy which is good. Set max limit and times on auto recharge and set what countries you call. Limits risk due to any hacking of me or them.

Solid feature set and they work. May not have the kitchen sink but the features tend to work.

Installation is easy for BYOD. They have walk through for most devices.

Cost is ok. Pay as go can save money. If you need truly yak talk cheap there are other choices. But sacrifice to me quality and just works for cost savings or chasing the buy one get one plans. The unlimited in is truly unlimited. The out unlimites is also but more expensive and for lite talker or us that through call to in network cell we save even over the others special plans on unlimited incoming and use pay as go out. Some months a tad more some less but on average solid quality with a comopetitive average cost, Not chasing the specials.

I could almost have dinged value for money if wanted unlimited out on the cheap as some do. But if I had needed it their qualty is solid and their unlimited out if expensive compared to some is almost a true unlimited with no fake caps. High volume call center and such would of course trigger anyone. So for true unlimited that is a real plus.

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