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Review by fukitol See Profile

  • Location: Fishers,Hamilton,IN
  • Cost: $5 per month
Good "support is there for you; 911 works well"
Bad "faxing is problematic"
Overall "solid"
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Call Quality:
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Value for money:
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Our landline is merely for certain incoming calls, as well as 911. The line was with the Death Star for a long time; however, since VoIP (including VoIP 911) has matured to a significant extent, and since we wanted to stop giving the Death Star as much money, we decided to port the number to CallCentric.

The Evil Empire was not willing to relax its grip in the least. Their port-out system is utter crap, and I won't go into detail as to the shit they pulled to stall the port-out. I'll give credit to their Executive team for refunding the extra month or so of service charges, but that's it. While the process dragged on, however, CC kept me informed as to how things were going. In fact, they refunded the $25 porting fee, even though I'm sure they weren't at fault in the least.

CC promptly answers any questions I have. Their 911 service appears to work very well; at least, the correct PSAP answered my test calls, and the correct ALI/ANI info was provided to the operator each time. Also, the Empire and the alternative (Assfinity) will NEVER even TRY to beat the price. The only problem at this point is that faxing (incoming and outgoing) is being a pain, but I'm sure I'll figure it out.

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