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Review by rblizz See Profile

  • Location: North Richland Hills,Tarrant,TX
  • Cost: $8 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Excellent voice quality, reliable, good support"
Bad "Nothing bad to say"
Overall "Solid VOIP service provider with excellent features and value"
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UPDATE: A few rocky days in October (2012) due to two unprecedented issues -- a severe DDoS attack, that CallCentric neutralized, but required a change in ATA settings -- and the hurricane/tropical storm Sandy that took out a great deal of infrastructure in lower Manhattan. CallCentric lost power but recovered in two days (the same amount of time the NYSE was down) and service came back up with full clarity and its customary high quality.

Still very happy with CallCentric and still highly recommend it.


CallCentric is my second VOIP service provider. Previously we had phone service through Charter, which we recently disconnected because CallCentric was much cheaper. (Charter charged over $14 in taxes and service fees for their telephone service + $29 for unlimited service to the U.S. and Canada). The reason I originally found CallCentric was because I was testing Asterisk (which I have no reason to use personally, but I'm a phone tech and was curious) -- their service was suggested by some Asterisk users.

The sound quality has been great. The price is excellent (I'm fortunate to live in an area with a Dirt Cheap DID). Total cost of an unlimited incoming DID (with mandatory 911 fee) is $4.45. I opted for the "pay as you go" outgoing plan because 1) I don't make that many outgoing calls and 2) I use the free CallCentric numbers, 1777xxxxxxx, to call family members who also have CallCentric service. As a matter of fact, we have two CallCentric accounts, one is the completely free Callcentric IP Freedom plan, which my daughter uses almost exclusively to call her cousin.

CallCentric doesn't provide hardware, but finding unlocked Linksys ATAs on eBay was simple -- each cost a bit over $20 with shipping. Once I had the ATAs, I just followed the step-by-step setup instructions and was up and running in a few minutes. You can actually cut and paste from the CallCentric site to the ATA's HTML pages.

As I phone tech, I appreciate CallCentric's use of Telecom terms instead of computer jargon -- and I also appreciate their commitment to the concept of the "five 9's" -- system uptime at close to 99.999%. CallCentric has many, many features, including excellent Call Treatments that I rarely use, but it's nice to know they are there should I want to do so.

I also like the way you pay for CallCentric's service. I use PayPal, to keep my account in the black and the money stays there. My Asterisk test happened 3 or so years ago and the CallCentric account was still there when I went back to it, and still contained what money was left in my account. CallCentric never closes an account that has a positive balance.

I can't really compare CallCentric's service to others because, once I tried CallCentric, I stuck with them. I see no reason to try anyone else. I'm a very happy customer.

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