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Six Month Rating

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Review by VexorgTR See Profile

  • Location: Sheffield Lake,Lorain,OH
  • Cost: $25 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Fair Pricing, based on call volume. Rarely any connection/Uptime issues"
Bad "BYO Gear is tricky for some N00bs"
Overall "CallCentric does one thing, Provide VOIP... and they do that very well."
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

CallCentric is a one trick pony. Unlike most VOIP's that give you a box, a contract, and an outsourced help desk, CallCentric gives you none of these.

The basics are this. CallCentric provides you with VOIP CALLING, and nothing else. You are expected to pay for what you use, and not required to pay for things you don't. You can change your plan on the fly.

If you were looking to drive, CallCentric is the Road... a very nice road. Bring your own car, and pay the tolls, and all will be well. Just like a typical "Toll Road" there's not too many idiots blocking up the path. By NOT offering unlimited everything for the cost of nothing, they avoid taking on BS clients like telemarketers.

CallCentric is a Serious VOIP provider for business or residential, but they are a little non-conventional. Their tech support method of "online tickets only" seems like a frustration, but believe me, the answers I get are RIGHT ON every time... so I'd rather ask them my question and get the answer than talk to some help desk that asks me if my ATA is plugged in or not.

The main reason we started with CallCentric in the first place, was they were the ONLY company that could port a CenturyLink number. The pay per call concept was weird, but turns out to be very cost effective.

I liked the CC results so much that we began setting it up for clients.. taking people off the PSTN at a cost of 177$/mo and putting them on CallCentric, at a cost of 35$/mo. This is just one example.

If the internet is strong enough, the phone quality is solid. On the whole, it's really hard to top CallCentric. The price is Good, the service is Excellent.

Yes, there are cheaper providers, Yes there are more feature rich providers... BUT..... By doing one thing, and doing it VERY well, CallCentric has proven to be an outstanding provider for our company, and several neighboring companies. Look Out PSTN, here we come!

Just to throw in a few additions. The month of October 2012 was a nightmare for CallCentric, There were nasty DDoS attacks and the hurricane. The rating in October would be awful, but November things are back to normal.

Welcome back CallCentric.

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