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Review by bigpapae35 See Profile

  • Location: New York,New York,NY
  • Cost: $15 per month
Good "Got 4 channels for less than 1/4th any other carrier, Great support for many configurations and ATAs, Support is fast & smart"
Overall "Best bang for your bucks for small business that needs multiple channels for the price of one"
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I moved to callcentric last week, after bad experience with reliability from voicepulse.

I set up service on a cisco spa8000 which has 8 fxs ports, and can handle 4 trunks groups.

I purchased one free NY DID for incoming and for outgoing $12.95 for North America 1000. Using trunk group setting in spa8000, able to set up hunt group and allow 4 voice channels.

Outgoing goes after the 1000 minutes is only 1.9 cents per minute, with no monthly fee.

Since most of my office calls are incoming calls, my monthly fee is only $12.95 for 4 channels of service.

I had no idea how to set up a trunk group, but their support was fast and friendly.
Instructions could not be easier.

Set up voice codec as g.729a which uses less bandwidth while still providing consistent good quality. Service is reliable, and I getting sub 27ms pings to their server with very little jitter.

I also just ported over my fax number from verizon and I am using callcentrics fax to email service which is running great, and I pay $1.95 monthly for that DID, Using t.38 codec and set up call treatment to let their all incoming faxes handled by callcentrics fax to email service which can handle 3 incoming channels, while still letting me have one outgoing channel for upto 4 faxes at once which is incredible. Faxing is fast and reliable. I never thought faxing over voip work reliably, but by supporting t.38 codec made all the difference.

Their website is top notch with many features, and instant fast changes.
I was unfamiliar with many of the options, and support was lightning fast at answering all my questions.

I have had voip service with voicepulse, but had bad experience with persistent unreliable service, long call initiation time, and fast busy signals. I used their service for 5 years before I finally gave up for callcentric. I never set up an ata or trunk group before, but their website has a wealth of information on how to set up 99% of the most popular voip equipment and software.

100% my recommended voip provider.

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PX Eliezer70
Hutt River

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Great provider for business.

Glad you've had a good experience.

CallCentric works very nicely for a business with a multi-channel ATA like yours, or with a modern IP phone that handles multiple channels, or with any type of PBX.

You're not needing it, but for [inbound] service the Office Unlimited plan provides a DID with 3 channels and unlimited inbound Business minutes for 8.95 a month. That's a great value.

As you have seen for [outbound] calling, the NorthAm 1000 can be used for Business, and at 12.95 a month provides 1000 minutes AND includes the 911 cost. If you need more outbound minutes than that, the extra minutes are still cheaper than Business providers such as OnSip.

The inbound fax server is great, we receive faxes everyday.

And as you have seen, the customer service and quality are top-notch.

Oh, and CallCentric now includes free inbound AND outbound caller ID name (CNAM).


Sheffield Lake, OH

Re: Great provider for business.

Glad to hear it's working out well. CallCentric is a favorite of ours for Residential and small office. October had me worried. They've bounced back well.