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Review by Grumpy See Profile

  • Location: Canaan,Litchfield,CT
  • Cost: $6 per month
Good "There were great before the DOS attack"
Bad "Service has been down at least x times per week since early October 2012"
Overall "Not reliable since early October"
Value for money:
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Now they're underwater (Hurricane Sandy) in NYC and shut down. Tried to give them a chance, but I need a phone at least 6 days a week. Ready to port out if problems remain.

I like to think I will give someone latitude to fix their issues. Callcentric came alive a few days ago, (Late 10/12 or early 11/12) and I figured I'll give them one more try.

This morning (11/4/12) the ubiquitous bottom blue light is once again out on my Linksys adapter, and no dial tone exists.

Sorry Callcentric - I need a land line that works at least 90% ? of the time. Missed half a day's work last week as Mother in law & granddaughter would have been here with no access to emergency calls if I left. Not your fault M.I.L. has no cell phone, but I'm paying for a land line that I need to function.

Ported out ten minutes ago.

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New York, NY
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I appreaciate your feedback, but have my own concerns

I'm sad about your story, but Callcentric has had only ONE, two day outage during last 3 years and that one was due to Hurricane Sandy's destroy local telecom and power infrastructure of Lower Manhattan.

I understand that you might have problems, but those were NOT related to Callcentric because since coming up after the failure (1:00AM Nov. 1st) Callcentric doesn't have any down-time (as it used to be always).

Just NO down-time at all. I'm afraid that you may need to ask help from somebody who may take care of your equipment settings.

Speaking of DDOS - those were NOT issues caused by Callcentric, but rather caused by malicious people who tried their worst to destroy it. There are open cases with FBI and FCC. Those attacks are not over yet - they are still in full force. But they have not caused a down time of CC operations - rather a major nuisance to customers who need/must change settings of their equipment by following publicly available instructions on CC user's portal.


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Re: I appreaciate your feedback, but have my own concerns

What I know is I could not connect to Callcentric at least 2 or 3 days per week starting in early October.

I could connect shortly after the flood, and Sunday morning (11/4/12) I could not connect once again.

Not sure why my equipment setting is at fault if it works fine one day and not another, but perhaps I am mistaken.

My DNS servers = and
One is MIT and the other is Yale. I don't remember which is which.

Neither are default from ISP or router default, and came my way via one of Steve Gibson's apps, but I don't know how to test them for Callcentric.

If I missed something, let me know. I'd like to learn. I'm not going back to Callcentric's page as I've already ported out, but I am willing to learn from any mistake(s) I may have made.




Re: I appreaciate your feedback, but have my own concerns

We just ported over to callcentric on Nov 8th and have not been able to make or place calls consistently sense. Blew about $40 but spent way to much time with trying to get things working with them.

No support either.