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Review by srinigar See Profile

  • Location: New York,New York,NY
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Works pretty reliably"
Bad "Eggs in one basket servers, can-do-no-wrong attitude of company (and fans), klunky interface."
Overall "A backup? Sure. A primary provider? Not likely. Not a Prime Time Vosp"
Value for money:
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Update April 20 2014
What takes one 'Time Condition' using Voip.Ms, takes 8 call treatments using Callcentric:
One to whitelist friends and family
Seven to prompt caller to enter a digit (to block telemarketers), i.e. one for each day of the week. This would be from, say, 7am to 6:59pm each day.
One to send callers to voicemail between 7pm and 6:59am.

There is no IVR, so I cannot route calls in a fine-grained way; for example, I cannot give out extension numbers to temporarily let certain people through in the evening who would normally go to voicemail; I cannot give certain callers a voice menu to direct their calls, etc.

So for what I want in a voip provider, this one is not good enough. It seems reliable, so I keep it handy as a backup, but they have a way to go to be taken seriously by me, and I am just an average user.

And they still have no intention, it appears, of setting up geographically dispersed servers.

From what I have read here, the equipment they use, while good, is not made for flexibility; maybe they have painted themselves into a corner and have to move at a crawling pace in regard to putting in things like an IVR or additional physically dispersed servers.

Eventually they will catch up with Voip.Ms and others, but in the meantime, why use them unless you want only basic service?

Update June 22 2013
CC is getting better, having added sub-accounts; and I hear they
are adding a generator (though if they are connected to the same
circuit as the nyse, why do they need it?).

And it seems like an IVR is on the way.

Good news, good for CC!


Update December 21
Callcentric has worked well for me these past weeks so I wanted to give them a bump from the low rating in the earlier review. If I ignore the partisans and concentrate on the sound and apparent reliability, and forget about them having their servers in one place, it's not a bad voip service provider.

Along with a couple of other voip companies, I use callcentric as a backup for calling out or for fowarding my DID to.

I have rarely had to use it but it is good to keep a few dollars in these secondary outfits, just in case.

Would I ever use it as the primary provider? No way, not until they get their act together and have some kind of geographically dispersed server setup. And not until they have something better than a grade-school level call-flow setup.

Their arrogance and shortsightedness in having all their equipment in one place is mind-boggling. The gall of their (name removed) rep, who said people who complained about this were ignorant, and the truly unpleasant chorus of True Believers who seem to believe that their heroic vosp can do no wrong, make me want to stay away from them or at most keep them as a last resort provider.

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PX Eliezer70
Hutt River

OK, so....

So I can see why in your opinion you would give low scores for reliability and such. I disagree, but I could understand.

But why low scores for Website, Ease of Installation, and a very low 25 percent for Call Quality??

That tells everyone what this is really about.

As for True Believers, there is usually a good reason if so many people are so loyal. That does not come out of thin air, unlike so many other things.


1 recommendation

So What?

said by PX Eliezer70:

But why low scores for Website, Ease of Installation, and a very low 25 percent for Call Quality??

That tells everyone what this is really about.

All it tells anyone is that the reviewer, me, is concerned simply with giving an overall score. I don't usually care about the bits that make up a score and my guess is that most others don't either. The scoring system here is inadequate, not that I can suggest anything better.
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Re: So What?

Thank you for explaining the reasons for your score.


Miami Beach, FL
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Things are improving

They seem to have learned from at least some of the mistakes and new features and improvements are coming too.
" ...and the truly unpleasant chorus of True Believers who seem to believe that their heroic vosp can do no wrong,... "

That's so true. Feels like Soviet Union.