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Review by amd64now See Profile

  • Location: Orleans,ON
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Excellence in providing a BYOD solution to customers"
Bad "A little higher in costs then some BYOD providers"
Overall "A provider I would recommend to my Grandmother.."
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My Other Reviews

November 2013

CallCentric is a provider that provides high call quality for a reasonable price. They have expanded their coverage in Canada covering most Canadian locations. With the release of the option of Telemarketer Block with the "press 1 to connect", they have become a primary provider for my usage.

I am very happy with their support. I had an issue with caller id delivery to a specific Canada cell phone provider. Instead of placing blame on my cell phone provider, they contacted the underling carrier to adjust the display to the exchange to fix the issue. Not too many voip providers would take the customer complaint to this level.

They are a high quality provider and I am more then happy to recommend them to anyone that would like a POTS quality voip provider in Canada.

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My review of Callcentric is long overdue...

I have used Callcentric over the last few years. The call quality has always been excellent. They are the only provider that I have not had to put a ticket in to support about call quality to a Canadian destination.

With the recent knowledge Canadian CNAM was supported, I had to test it out. I am impressed. Callcentric will deliver incoming Canadian CNAM from landline to your phone. They will also deliver your name you register in your account (not from your ATA) to landline. In summary, you will benefit with incoming Canadian and US CNAM lookup for free and outgoing name registered in your account. Other providers charge per call to have both or a combination of both.

My area was never supported for porting to Callcentric. I always wondered why and never bothered to ask. Recently, I decided to ask. I pm'd Iscream and asked. To my delight and Iscream's hard work, Callcentric now supports my area and many other Canadian exchanges.

Callcentric is a provider I would recommend for someone that wants to save money with being with a reliable BYOD but don't want to learn the technical details or deal with huge ATA configuration. They follow Callcentric example for their ATA and it works!.

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