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Review by fizzboz See Profile

  • Location: Park,Gove,KS
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Overall "Clumsy, lacking in important basics"
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update on july 20
Callcentric is still usable as a backup service, but it just does not have some of the things I think of as essential in a voip service, such as an IVR and an easy-to-use way to route incoming calls.

For example, with Voip.ms, I can specify that calls from certain incoming numbers be answered until 4pm, and for others until 8pm, and for others at any time, and I can do it with just a few entries.

With Callcentric, I would have to have 21 call treatments, 7 for each group of numbers. And if, for example, I want to have other kinds of routing for weekends, it would mean 42 call treatments. Very inadequate.

And Callcentric has no IVR. With Voip.ms, I am able to allow family and friends easy and cheap phone access to one another without them even needing voip.

Reliability is not so good: no IVR means callers can not reliably connect. Absurdly complex call treatments leave too much room for error - poor reliability.

Tech support is not so great either: You complain about missing features and they say they cant do anything about it.

Not so good value for money: with Voip.ms and Anveo running the pants off Callcentric as far as IVR and call routing, what value? And it costs more! Stay away is my advice.

A Long Time Ago

Pretty good. The service seems solid. It is a clumsy, limited kind of
service as far as features go. Maybe the addition of sub-accounts
will make it more attractive.

I do not like the lack of redundant servers, geographically
separated, and really do not like the attitude that Callcentric
knows best that showed up after the hurricane in October.

It is not just that their setup is difficult, as I understand it, to replicate
at several locations, but that their attitude, as expressed on this forum,
is that such redundancy is not even needed.

The bit about 'such a storm will only happen once in 100 years'
does not give me a warm and fuzzy feeling about the resilience of
a voip provider with its servers in one place.

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