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Review by elvey See Profile

  • Location: San Francisco,San Francisco,CA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Works!"
Bad "Eats up 15% cpu"
Overall "I'm not satisfied."

I was happily using Google Voice via a POTS line and cell phone and Gizmo5 for a while.

Then I got rid of the POTS line. Gizmo5 stopped playing nicely with Google Voice; it's unusably unreliable; it rarely works this way.

I was able to add a sipgate line to my Google Voice system, and calls go through OK!
BUT, the sipgate software eats up CPU all the time (~15%) on my MacBook Pro, which kills my battery life. Skype uses 3%, which is bad enough. (I run Skype because folks seem to find it easier to use.)

Maybe I should get an ATA.

I've been using sipgate with Google Voice and SIP clients including Acrobits Groundwire on iOS, CSipSimple, sipdroid, etc. They all work less than 90% of the time. None come close to cell-phone reliability, let alone land-line reliability (5 9's - 99.999%)

Unfortunately, the SIP clients I've found don't provide enough diagnostic information for me to be able to figure out if sipgate is to blame. It could be a device, WiFi, ISP, ... problem, and the tools for diagnosing the problem are primitive to nonexistent.

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