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Review by azrichard See Profile

  • Location: Cottonwood,Yavapai,AZ
  • Cost: $46 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Bad "Worst service that I have ever had in 50 years"
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I am 62 years old and have many service providers; NPG is by far the worst service that I have ever had. I am also a computer service technician and retired Electrical Engineer so I know this business well. I have been BS'd by this company to my absolute limits; their cable internet system is substandard by any measure. I have had a multitude of service calls into them and it is always the same old story; a bunch of lies. Unfortunately for them they don't realize who they are dealing with. I see through their lies because I know more about the system then they do. They boast super fast internet even in their recordings while I am on hold; it is hard to listen to all their lies while holding. They boast of high speed better then DSL, while not telling you that they can't even produce the low DSL levels during peak hours of usage. I just got through taking data side by side at the same instant to avoid any misconception with time variance. After several Ping tests at pingtest.net NPG failed every time. NPG gets a constant "D" rating on ping test where Qwest DSL gets a consistent "B" rating. I did this because my Hulu and Netflix has rebooted for buffering at least 10 times every evening; keep in mind that my test was done comparing NPG which claims 6 Mbs download while DSL is only 1.5 Mbs max. I watched a complete movie on Qwest DSL without a bump in quality and NO re-buffering at all. To sum this up Qwest DSL rated at only1.5 in my area runs circles around NPG cable which lies about their service providing 6 Mbs.

The only place that I can measure even close to 6 Mbs in their local hub which actually is a joke and means nothing because all the places that you need to connect to are snail slow and very erratic. Ping test tells the whole story, don't be fooled by lies that Cable internet is better than DSL; it is all a very crude marketing scam. I am dumping them tomorrow and going back to Qwest. Hopefully Qwest will get a higher speed in my area soon; I hope they eat NPG alive; I am totally discusted with companies like NPG. They should be able to be prosecuted for misrepresentation of their service.

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