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  • Location: Markham,ON
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
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Customer care lacks care. Accounts departments ends up billing you more than you owe. Billing department makes unauthorized withdrawals from your account without invoice and seeking prior approval and if they remain unable to do so then their accounts receivable department will start making calls after calls even after you are able to prove that you owe them nothing. Technical support always blames the high speed service provider for their bad sound quality and echo.

This company must stop being a symbol of worse business model that one can imagine. I will not be surprised to see a class action lawsuit once there are enough irated customers who have gone through nothing but trouble with this worse of all VoIP company.

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Mississauga, ON

comwave (Toronto on )

comwave company charged $ 377,48 on my visa account, after cancelling the account,and there no contract.when I registered (Aug. 2010 ) I made a plan which let me cancel any time wit no fee,after 2 year I
canceled.THEY SAID I HAD A CONTRACT FOR 3 YEAR AND CHARGED ME 19 MONTHS REMAINING ON THE CONTRACT, plus $50,00 for transfering existing phone number with Comwave to another provider. Comwave company they cheat you, Don't go there.

North York, ON

Re: comwave (Toronto on )

I am running into a similar situation. I was with comwave for a while. I signed up because it was cheap at that time, and there were not many competitors. I realized that too late that they had been over-charging me. I requested to cancel the account, but with company like this one, of course, it gave me hard time. At the end, I managed to call numerous times, including leaving messages, speaking with the manager, to get my account cancelled. But after 6 months, they are now sending me through the collection agency for administrative fees of 50 dollars. This is a company with no business ethnics at all. Dishonest, over charging and hidden fees. Go for other options! You will end up paying more than you should. Heck, get in a lot of troubles.