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  • Location: Purgato
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The problem why new subscribers don't get to see the numerous complaints against companies like Comwave is because we are blinded by the numerous ads on TV, papers, internet etc. All the talk about being 6 months free is a SCAM! And the lesson I learnt here is never to preauthorise credit card payment!

When I had called the agent in late August, I was told the following:

1) 6 months was free with a 3 year term

2) Any cancellation within the 3 years will mean that you pay back the first 6 months free service, which makes sense.

3) There will be no other charges, no hidden charges, just cancel and return the equipment and pay for the time used.

4) Invoices will be sent to my email account, which I later found was registered as .....@geemail.com - instead of gmail.com.

As I had just moved into a new city, I was busy and only realised about not receiving from Comwave any invoices. When I had called in, I was told that the email address was incorrect (with a laugh) and emails for online registration were apparently sent to ...@geemail.com.

Next, I went on to register and logged into my account to find a couple of invoices:

1) shipping charge of $13.44

2) Equipment deposit $50

3) Extended warranty $2.24 monthly

4) Charged 911 fees on some months but not on others)

When I called in to ask why wasn't I informed of these charges, the agent explained that it was "company policy" to make the charges. Just when I was taking care of this issue, Comwave started charging me for service from the 4th month onwards, when it was suppose to be free for 6 months.

When I confronted Comwave, I was told that it was only free for 3 months and if you want 6 months, you need to port your old telephone number??? If this is true, why was I told that I will get 6 months free and the sales agent even chose a new telephone number for me???

After numerous phone calls and agents who failed to carry out what they had promised verbally, I had launched a final complaint against COMWAVE and was told that the matter was escalated to "higher up" and someone will get back to me. Of course this never happenend.

At this point, after over 4 months of subscription, I had enough of COMWAVE and had called in to cancel but was told that I need to pay the remainder of the 36 months, ie 31.5 months which amounts to nearly $1200 plus $50 to port the number out to a landline company!!!

How ridiculous! It doesn't make any sense, especially when I had paid for that small box, paid for the shipping (I virtually own it). It is not like we are binded to a cell phone company as we had been given an expensive mobile phone. Also this was COMPLETELY opposite from what I was told during the sales transaction!!!

BEWARE! Never deal with comwave! please read the horror stories! Be deligent and check out companies first before giving them your credit card or banking information. If it is too good to be true, then it can't be true!

(review was emailed from domain gmail.com)
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