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Review by burris See Profile

  • Location: Miami,Miami-Dade,FL
  • Cost: $8 per month (12 month contract)
Good "Solid-clear quality"
Bad "None"
Overall "Never had it so good. Reliable...excellent quality talk & and listen."
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Thanks, DSLRerports for the reminder.

I forget that I'm even on VOIP as the service is so solid and the audio is so clear, I take for granted just how great the service is.
When I think back of the really lousy VOIP service with other providers in years past, I do appreciate what a great company and service Tim has built..


Just got another reminder from DSLReports to consider updating my review..

Not much to say as nothing has changed.
Service is still top of the line and I don't have a single complaint

Tim certainly knows how to run his company..


Since I received a reminder from DSLRreports to consider updating my review, i shall do so..

It should be obvious that I am thoroughly pleased with the service. In my opinion, it rivals POTS in terms of quality and blows it away in terms of price..
My cost remains the same as I am grandfathered in from the founders era.

The few times I have asked for support, well after the beta days, the response has been superb.
One must always realize that we are utilizing the internet, and therefore are subject to all the feckless issues that arise. Certainly can't blame the VOIP provider for that.
That the service pleases my wife is the acid test.


I see that almost a year has elapsed since my last review.

Not sure what I can add to comment the exemplary service I already have. Tim knows how to run a company and provides first class customer support. Sure, a glitch occurs once in a while, but hey, this is the internet.
I'm extremely comfortable with the service since inception and it must be working well for me as I have no land line.


I just realized that I haven't updated my review for quite a while.

Only change was to update the ATAs from GS502 to Linksys PAP2T. I think this was a great idea. Far more solid connectivity.
I'm still in love with the service as its quality is excellent. Actually getting better in many respects.

Support is by far some of the best anywhere.
No problems for me.


I have been on their beta for quite a while and the service has been excellent.
I, as well as a number of others are patiently waiting for the launch.
I think that this will be the VOIP service that sets the standard.

I have been on VOIP for about 3 years and this new company has been an exciting experience.

I will update my review after the launch..


Since the launch is happening, I can only hope for all the new users, the same quality of service and support I have experienced during the beta.

The attitudes of the support personnel is not to be believed in this day and age.
They not only respond quickly, but respond with meaningful information and have no problem answering any questions.

I can only hope it remains as it has been, and I'm sure it will..

Many thanks to the entire crew at VOIPo...It has been and I'm sure it will remain a wonderful experience in the world of VOIP....


Nov 4 2008.....Time for an update..

Still going fact the service is so stable and the quality is so good(just ask my wife), that I recently ordered a second line.

The few minor questions or issues that crop up from time to time, are answered via a ticket almost before you can get back to your e-mail screen.

I had no idea I would ever be able to virtually sit back and spend my time fooling with my 5 PCs, rather than having a full time job programming and tweaking my ATA and looking for servers around the country that might work.

I hope and do think that this is the real benchmark for VOIP services.

Thanks again Tim and your entire staff..


December 27 2008


Since the last review, the special price came up..

In addition, VOIPo turned up a cloned line feature that gives you two functioning in and out lines using the same primary number. What a treat..

In terms of quality, what can I say. I get a dial tone every time-the calls on both ends are loud and clear---and most important, I haven't heard a negative utterance from my wife since signing on with VOIPo.

Keep up the good work, Tim..

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