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Six Month Rating

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Review by scott2020 See Profile

  • Location: El Dorado Springs,Cedar,MO
  • Cost: $15 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Great customer service, great call quality, easy"
Bad "Web control panel a little confusing"
Overall "Recent growing pains and attacks but still great service"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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UPDATE 9/7/11

After several years I am porting out of VOIPo, and it pains me to say that. I really like their service, features, and price. However, my needs are to call rural areas and over the past 9 months or more, it has been very hit and miss. I put in several tickets and they do their best to fix things, and sometimes calls go through and sound great, but eventually things revert back to trouble. I get a lot of 1 way audio, garbled sound, calls ring on my end but not on the other, strange caller ID to the destination, and many other issues. However, using the same exact equipment on my end but using another provider, everything sounds great. I wish them the best and they are a great company, but the WAF is at a low with the rural area calling so I have to move on.


UPDATE 8/20/09

A few short term outages here and there, but nothing major that wasn't fixed very quickly. Customer service is extremely fast to respond and have been helpful. The Linksys adapters they have converted to have solved many issues. They are now working on additional features to make the service even better now that some of the growing pains have been resolved. They also switched data center co-location providers which has helped their service reliability. VOIPo should be on the top of your list of providers to evaluate!


Recent growing pains, firmware updates, and mishaps have started to give VOIPo a bad rap. I would encourage people to give them a try. There will always be a small percentage of customer base that do nothing but complain, just like with everything else in the world. The simple fact is you must try for yourself and see how it works in your environment. If it doesn't work, they will happily refund your money and you can move on. I had problems with the Grandstream adapter but no problems with the Linksys PAP2. They also now allow some BYOD on a limited basis. They continue to have great support, call quality, and great features. They also changed to another datacenter provider which will help reliability greatly. Don't hesitate to give VOIPo a try.

I have been with VOIPo for 3 months now, and I must say it just works. I am a VOIP hobbyist admittedly, and I like to tinker with BYOD providers like most on this forum, so I was reluctant to try them after I found VOIPo was gearing toward plug and play customers. However, I signed up and received the Grandstream ATA, plugged it in, and it just worked. CNAM works so I can see the name of people calling me, voicemail works, all of my calling features work. There are a few minor bugs to squash as with any beta system, but the staff at VOIPo really are responsive to any problems. Voice quality has been excellent both inbound and outbound. Other providers I have tried almost always have some delay, echo, and other strangeness at some point but I have not had this with VOIPo. The web control panel is excellent, with many options for setting up call controls, voicemail options, custom caller ID for incoming calls, and many others. It really has been great (especially for my wife!) to have a great provider with a service that just works. I ported my main number to VOIPo which took just under 3 weeks. Best of luck to them, and I highly recommend.

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