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Review by ptrowski See Profile

  • Location: Putnam,Windham,CT
  • Cost: $10 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Good price, has the cloned line feature we really like..."
Bad "Going downhill..."
Overall "Mulitple small issues are piling up.."
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Some issues have been popping up again, nothing major but annoyances. Voipo seems to work well for a while, then have issues, then works fine. Because of this I did not take advantage of their Black Friday special.

They are running a special today which is great and all bit my outbound calls are going to dead air and then a fast busy signal. Plus they pulled phone support for the day. Come on guys get it together again. This is getting old.

Things have smoothed out a bit but we have the occasional issues that pop up. There are some calls that go to dead air or don't ring, and some go to a fast busy when you dial. But the good thing is that they are not nearly as often as they were in the past.

Website, forums are down, outgoing calls are going to my own cellphone even though I called another state. A few days ago my wife tried calling another Voipo customer and leave a message, but the VM system kept telling her that her message was too short. After a few tries she put down the phone in frustration.

Voipo was very good for a good period of time, but these small issues that are happening are really bringing down the Wife Acceptance Factor.

We did renew for two years, so it's nice not having to worry about a bill for a while. I did downgrade the call quality and reliability a bit as there seems to have been a few issues popping up from time to time. I did enter a ticket but they wanted me to replicate the problem which is tough to do as it is intermittent, so they closed it due to no response. They are not major issues, just a few minor ones the become annoying.

Here we are coming up on a year and the big question is to renew or not. Recently the service has been much more stable than itr has been in the past and the WAF has been higher than it has been in the beginning. I don't see any reason why I wouldn't renew unless another provider has a "too good to be true" special.

MWI is now almost instant off when a message is deleted and the service overall has been for the most pasrt very stable. No real issues which is ok by me!

It seems that after a tough July Voipo is becoming more stable. They are adding some new features and just yesterday I am able to add people as contacts from the call records, something I have been asking for. I upped the scores to reflect that.

Things had been ok mostly in the Voipo world except for some echo here and there and the pesky MWI light, but it hit the fan hard this morning.
»[VOIPo] Is it down
Vpanel was down, forums were down, calls went to a fast busy tone and support was closed. I think it is time for them to expand the tech support hours.

Downgraded the quality a notch as calling the house has had more echo than usual. Last night calling from my cell to the house there was a delay, I could hear my conversation and then my wife would respond. It seemed ok on her side, but was unusable after a while.

Overall the service itself has been ok, had an issue over the weekend where the Washington DC data center wnet offline. Outgoing calls were ok but incoming went to my failover number (cell phone). I had the issue again of the voicemails not deleting via the CP, which is a bit annoying as it is A) the third time I had to open a ticket for this B) since the DTMF method is Inband to eliminate the random tones I cannot check VM via the access number or my Voipo line although I was told this is being fixed in the future.

I am not chaning my ratings for now as the service has been good but the other points need some clean up.

Service overall has been good. I downgraded the website (in my case meaning the control panel) as I had issues deleting voicemails via the CP. Support was fast to address the issue, but it seems like it has happened again today.

It seems that the majority of the issues have subsided. The wife seems to be happy. We have been on the phone more and there has not been any problems.

I gave up on the struggle to keep the Grandstream alive. I put the PAP2 back online and so far the lines have stayed registered so I upped the reliability and value for the money as well as the call quality as the DTMF tones so far have not come back after switching the DTMF method.

There was an outage affecting some customers yesterday and my wife tried dialing out 4 times and got dead air, whihc at that point I was worried that she was going to toss the phone at the TV. To quote someone here at DSLR-"when it works, it works well, but when it doesn't.."
Now when I call the house after the phone rings there is dead air, no recording, and a female voice says "goodbye".

Within 20 minutes of updating the review the change was made.

I started using the PAP2T as they were working on a fix for the DTMF tones. Things were ok for a few days but they have come back and are getting to be too much. Support is a bit slower than usual as I put a ticket in two days ago to have my DTMF method chaged but have not had a reply yet.

I put the GS-502 back online as the DTMF tones being generated by the PAP2 were too much to handle. After working with support about some outbound calls sounding bad, I was told that there was a 500 ms latency on my line and that was casuing the issues, although the traceroutes from them to me and vice versa to different servers did not show that. I asked to be moved onto another server and so far so good..

So the options are use the PAP2T and have DTMF tones, change the DTMF settings and risk some IVR's not working, or use the GS-502 which may drop registration. I went with the 502 and won't complain if it does drop registration as it is the lesser of the evils.

Lost registration again this morning.

Things are still a bit rough. I had had some issue with outbound calls sounding bad on the receiving end.
»[VoIPo] Bad audio calling out, calling back seems to fix it...

Also I have started to hear DTMF tones while on call.

Online chat support has been unreachable for me the two times I have tried them recently due to the Grandstream adapter recall. I would rather see it being listed offline than having it time out after 10 minutes.
»[VoIPo] Support chat busy today?

Tickets have been submitted, and responded to fairly quickly but not like it used to be so I am down grading it a bit.

Got the new PAP2T adapter and the calls sound good but Voipo right now seems to be having a meltdown. Calls go to dead air or the voicemail doesn't pick up.

Still a bit tough. I had lost registration again with the adapter. Voipo sent out an email to people that lost registration and didn't re-register, but I did not receive it. I was supposed to receive a new adapter a few weeks ago but nothing ever arrived.
I expected more from Voipo with the long beta and all the glowing reviews from some well respected members here, but for me it has not been smooth sailing at all.

Tough week for Voipo. There has been a few instances of the adapters losing registration, call logs down. They have responded quickly which is nice, but my impression was the 2+ year beta was so they could handle the "explosive growth" and not have issues.
Still a good deal in my eyes, but I thing that the statue of Voipo is becoming a nit tarnished.

So far the service has been decent. I keep the adapter behind my router and it seems that it will take longer to get firmware updates this way. Not too bad, but that is how I prefer to have it set up. I have had some fast busy signals after I dial a number and some dead air issues but they are not constant, maybe once or twice a week. The CP still needs some work IMHO, adding contacts or customer CID from the call logs was something that was nice with Viatalk.

Support like others have said is capable and responsive. The only thing I get a bit leary about is they never as for verification that it is actually me asking for help. No security questions, etc. But they respond quickly. They did have an issue consolidating my accounts after the number was ported which shut down my service, but it was resolved rapidly.

Starting review-I started using Voipo to put them against my current service. I put the adapter behind my router right next to the other adapter. So far the service has been good, no issues yet.

As we use it more I will keep updating the review.

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