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Six Month Rating

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  • Location: Tulsa,Tulsa,OK
  • Cost: $8 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Value for the money, easy to connect, and really cool features."
Bad "For me the service was just not reliable enough. Also no real effort to save a customer that had been with them for years."
Overall "I really used to like VOIPo. Still beats the heck out of AT&T."
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Call Quality:
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Value for money:
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I had VOIPo since December 2008. I started out very happy with the service. I had it up and running the day after I placed my order by using a free software phone (X-Lite) and the information VOIPo provided me with. My Analog telephone adapter arrived in about 5 days (they ship USPS).

Compared to the AT&T pots line I had before I have a lot more features at a fraction of the price. When it works there is no real difference in audio quality between the pots line and the VOIPo line. VOIPo offers a huge selection of features.

Their support and staff are polite and quick to respond and I have even received a support response from the CEO at 1 AM CST on the weekend. Tim (the CEO) is dedicated to making VOIPo a top notch company.

I would recommend VOIPo to anyone who wants more for their money vs a major telco or to save some money. They offer a "30 Day Guarantee".

Update 2-3-13.

This is will be my final review of VOIPo.

I had VOIPo for 4 years. Had a lot of tech issues the first year. I continued to be plagued by intermittent service issues throughout the time I had the service. We were using VOIPo as our primary phone line and so many times I would try to call home in the morning from work and the call would not go threw. They of course would always fix it but due to it occurring so much much I was forced to switch to another phone provider for reliability. Frankly I was tired of contacting support to have things fixed. My wife was tired of messing with it. I hung on to VOIPo hoping eventually it would improve and I could switch back to using them as my primary line. The last year I had the service we barley used it. When I got the bill for almost $200.00 for the next year January 2013 I decided to part with the service because I just could not justify paying that any longer.

Disconnecting the service was not too difficult. I emailed support who sent me to a url to request disconnect. When you are disconnecting it really feels they are not interested in saving you as a customer instead they just want to make sure they get their phone adapter back. It tells you must return it on the disconnect page and they sent a few emails reminding me to send it back (and threatening to send it to collections if you dont).

One small issue with disconnecting was a credit I had on my account for literally years. Due to initial issues with their Grandstream adapter they had to send me a replacement Linksys adapter. They sent me the new one and I had to send them the Grandstream adapter back. They agreed to credit me the cost of the return postage. They did apply the credit for almost 5.00 but when my billing came out again they neglected to subtract that credit balance from the amount I owed so the credit remained there. When I disconnected I was initially told

Unfortunately credits do not have cash value. Please see the section labeled "Cancellations" in the Terms of Service here: »

I sent him a prompt reply explaining why I dispute this and he did not reply back. Then I sent another email the next day letting them know I would be filing a complaint with the BBB and I received a reply stating the following

Please disregard the previous correspondence within this case. The request has been approved appropriately and I'm moving your ticket to your billing department to ensure the credit amount is refunded accordingly.

So hopefully that issue is resolved.

Some thoughts for VOIPo.

1. When a customer is disconnecting would be a great opportunity to save them as a customer. You really should try something.

2. Threatening to send a 50.00 charge to collections a week after someone disconnects does not make someone want to recommend you or ever do business with you again.

3. While i understand it is rare that a customer would be entitled to a credit based on terms of service you should still take a moment and read why they are asking for a refund and if justified not give them a hard time about it. I was clearly justified in my request for a refund and I really did not appreciate the robotic response I got from the first csr.

Farewell VOIPo and good luck!

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Great review. Thanks.