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Review by onthecake See Profile

  • Location: Kansas City,Clay,MO
  • Cost: $13 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 40 days
Good "Cheap"
Bad "Unreliable, support is not helpful"
Overall "Beware if you are running this behind a firewall"
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Call Quality:
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I signed up for VOIPo after Vonage, in their infinite wisdom decided to raise their rates on the 500/minute a month plan.

I was somewhat hesitant at first until I read the reviews about the company and all the features it offered in comparison to Vonage.

After ordering I requested my number be ported. I received my adapter about 6 days later. I installed it but soon realized that it was not going to very useful until my number was ported. I could assign a temporary number but none were available in my area code. Therefore I decided to just leave it offline until after my number had been ported.

After about a week I opened a ticked to inquire about he port status. I was told that they never received the fax to port the number so I faxed the request again. Another two weeks went by and my number was still not ported. I opened another ticket and was told it would be another 2 weeks (5 weeks total to port from original request).

I was somewhat upset that I had been paying for a service but not using it due to the length of time it took to port the number. Customer service decided to extend my renew date by about a month to compensate for the time taken to port the number.

My number was ported and I was receiving calls but the voice mail feature was not fully functional. After another ticket the issue was resolved and all is running well now.

To sum up my experience:

VOIPo has excellent customer service. Most of my requests/tickets were responded to within hours. The responses were not the same canned messages you get from other companies. They actually fixed the issues or told me what was going on.

I cannot stress enough how good their customer service is.

Their call quality is excellent and the feature set is much more robust than vonage. I love being able to setup call routes to block annoying robot callers I receive every so often.

My one mark against them is the account setup and porting needs to be a lot smoother for this company to grow. I believe with time they will iron this out and regardless of those issues the change was still worth it.

Update 11-11-12

I have terminated my service with VOIPO. Unfortunately the service is to unreliable behind a firewall and resulted in multiple issues of no dial tone, no sound on the caller end of the phone, and other random issues. Tech support has become unhelpful and responds with the same canned answers each time.

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For what it’s worth, I’ve been using my VoIP softphone and ATA behind a firewall for about a year now with VOIPo with little to no issues. While VOIPo’s official literature makes excessive requests with regard to one’s firewall, I’ve found their service to be quite reliable/“plug and play” when used with a standard firewall that does not modify SIP packets.




I've had VOIPo service for a few years (and have renewed through 2014). Mine adapter sits behind a Tomato-based firewall and is flawless. Never get one-way audio, always have a dial tone.

I also have viop.ms service and it also is flawless behind a firewall.

SIP ALG needs to be disabled!

Sounds like a configuration issue, and if an issue exists using VOIPo, it will probably exist with any VoIP provider.