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Six Month Rating

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Review by Fisamo See Profile

  • Location: Apex,Wake,NC
  • Cost: $8 per month (12 month contract)
Good "Good feature set, EXCELLENT customer service, just works!"
Bad "None, really. Minor: Would like service dashboard upon login."
Overall "A solid choice for primary service."
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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8 February 2014: Update.

Another year, little more to say. The new control panel is now available to all Voipo users, but it's still not the 'default' panel when you log in from the main website. The new panel looks better, and almost all of the options/commands you'd want to change are available alphabetically, so everything's pretty easy to find. The one suggestion for improvement would be to have a "dashboard" shown when logging in to the control panel - whether or not certain features (call forward/do not disturb) are active, number of voicemail messages, etc. Otherwise, it's a very solid choice for me and my family.

25 Jan 2013: Update.

So it's been over 3 years since my last review. I've spent less time on DSLR, and they must have given up on requesting review updates from me. The only change in my 1 - 5 ratings is an increase in their website, due to the beta control panel. Call quality has always been fine, reliability has been fine (have never noticed the line being down), and I can't complain about value for money.

Over the past 3 years, I have made a few fairly significant changes in how I connect to Voipo. As a grandfathered BYOD user, I do not have a provisioned adapter and have brought my own device. For a while, I operated an PiaF server at home, with Voipo as a primary trunk. Even adding a layer of Asterisk between my ATA and Voipo, the service is rock solid. After running my home PBX for a while, I started having reliability issues with the hardware running my PiaF, and I migrated to a cloud service. Still no problems. I can honestly say that I'd have to log in to my control panel to look at the ticket log to see if my last ticket was one or two+ years ago. That particular problem was unique to BYOD, too; they still worked with me to fix it, even though BYOD is not supported. Over the past 3+ years, the only complaints I've gotten from household members have been either (1) related to the issue described above [which would not have happened with a provisioned adapter], or (2) resolved on my end by tweaking my home network.

Count me a happy customer!

9 November 2009: Update.

I've officially been a paying customer for over a year, so I'm comfortable posting a review update with a reliability rating. While I have given them a 5, the rating does come with the caveat that I did find CallVantage to be more reliable. The difference isn't enough to justify downgrading Voipo to a 4, but CallVantage was a tough act to beat (until they decided to beat themselves into oblivion). Since CallVantage decided to shut down, I ported our primary line to Voipo, so it obviously gets a LOT more use.

Updated rating categories:

Website - 3 (no change), because the user portal is not intuitive enough for my liking. While I have no trouble getting what I need out of it, the user portal still lacks built-in user cues and help screens to make it more user-friendly.

Ease of installation - unranked, because I'm a "grandfathered BYOD user".

Call quality - 5 (no change) I've heard occasional echos, but not sufficiently bad to lower the rating.

Reliability - 5 (first rating) We have had a few RARE instances of calls not ringing through properly, but IIRC, those only occurred while we had their SimulRing feature active (still beta, but that particular problem's been resolved). The other oddball problem was that a few of my calls were sent with the incorrect CallerID number. It seems that the issue has been resolved on a case-by-case solution applied to my account, because a few other customers have experienced a similar problem. These problems are not severe enough to merit lowering the reliability rating in my book.

Tech Support - 5 (no change) top notch, polite, happy to help. Can't ask for better.

Value for money - 5 (increase) given the reliability over the past year, tech support, etc., there's no reason to not give top marks. Fair notice - as a customer who was in from the beginning, I have an extreme discount on my pricing for as long as I have my account.

6 April 2009: Initial review.

OK, so I've been a Beta user/customer since the "second" beta period opened. Overall, reliability _for me_ has been excellent--it rarely went down during the beta period, and I have only had sporadic troubles since, but I still use CallVantage as my primary line, and I don't use the Voipo line enough to give a reliability rating much weight at this time. Right now, pricing is excellent for everyone willing to pay for 1 year up front ($99/yr), and as a "Founder" I will get that price as long as I maintain the account. Since I also have been promised the ability to connect via my Asterisk system, it satisfies my 'hobbyist' interest in having an inexpensive (even though, for my use, a PAYGO provider might be even less expensive) line.

In any case, below are the details of the numeric ratings I gave.


Website: 3 - vPanel is plain, I'd like more checkboxes, checkboxes/radio buttons instead of dropdowns for binary features, more prominent voicemail, better contact input system. The principal reason for the relatively low mark is the lack of documentation of "how-tos". Lists of star codes, voicemail code, setup configuration, etc., should exist in very-easily-found "For New Customers" web pages, etc. In addition, clear descriptions of how features work, what they are, etc., (ideally, quick-text help links near each feature) are lacking. The feature that causes the most confusion is the 'telemarketer block.'

Ease of Installation: [unranked] I participated in the beta and continue BYOD. I know what I'm doing for configuring my account, and if there's a glitch, it's usually on my end. Therefore, it's not appropriate for me to rate this aspect of their service.

Call Quality: 5 - All calls have been clear. Not much more to say there.

Reliability: [Unranked] - OK, admittedly a cop out, but I don't use the line enough to give a fair assessment. If a gun were to my head and I HAD to choose a number, I'd probably give a 3/5 due to the complaints of issues (and acknowledgement of Voipo staff/owner) with the hope (and expectation) of raising it over the next month or two.

Tech Support: 9 - Unfortunately, I can't really give them a 9, I'm limited to 5. They've always been extremely responsive and the responses are substantive, not vacant script-reading in nature. When I wanted outgoing CID Name (LIDB population for my line), I unfortunately had to change numbers, but tech support handled it quickly, professionally, and the right way the first time.

Overall Value: 4 - Sorry, I can't give a 5 rating with reliability at a 3 (even though I haven't "officially" ranked it). If the 'wrinkles' have been ironed out, this score will definitely rise.

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