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Review by GeekJedi See Profile

  • Location: Mukwonago,Waukesha,WI
  • Cost: $11 per month
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "Great tech support, easy installation"
Bad "vPanel not real user friendly"
Overall "So far so good. They've impressed me!"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I'll keep this review updated best I can.

**Update 11/18/11**

Here's the best thing I can say about VOIPo: They announced their "Black Friday" promotion, which is a two year renewal for the price of one. I once again jumped on it, renewing my service out to June of 2015! I've been a happy customer since 2009, and didn't even give renewing a second thought. All I can say is that they've treated me well, and have provided excellent service at a great price. To be fair in my review, I'm not a "power user" looking to use thousands of minutes a month, rather we're an "average" family making a few calls a day. Even with that, it's a tremendous value. The bottom line is that I didn't hesitate to take the risk and extend our relationship out to three more years. Even if they were to (heaven forbid!) close up shop in a year, I'd feel that I've gotten my money's worth and then some.

**Update 6/17/11**

I signed up for VOIPo two years ago, and I can tell you that my only regret is that I hadn't signed up sooner. Full disclosure: We aren't heavy phone users. My wife and I have cell phones, but having a family there still is no substitute for a "house" phone for family and friends. So, there may have been random outages, but we really haven't noticed. It's worked every time we've needed it to - we do occasionally get a "bad" connection, but it's pretty rare. Having said that, their customer service has been PHENOMENAL!! When I first signed up I got their "Free number" that I got to keep in addition to my ported number. Later on I had added another number that was local to my parents. They allowed me to make that the free number and drop the original one, saving me the yearly fee. I've also signed up for their fax service with a local number. Again, don't use it a ton, but every time I've needed it it's worked great.

I love the service so much, that I took advantage of their "Cyber Monday" promo and renewed for two more years. I'm now good through 2013, and I wouldn't hesitate to renew for another two years if given a chance.

**Update 8/23**

I noticed in my vPanel that there was a special price if I chose to renew early for another year. After two months of great service, renewing at this price was a no-brainer. Good to know that I don't need to worry about a phone bill for almost 2 years! I also recently got a virtual number so that my in-laws can call us for free using a local number to them.

VOIPo seems to be launching several new, worthwhile updates as well, such as being able to assign a virtual number to the second port of the ATA, essentially giving you two lines. Also the ability to record calls and more. The service just keeps getting better and better, and I look forward to a continued great relationship with my VoIP provider.

I did hear that they're looking to redesign the vPanel - when that happens, I'll look at updating the Web-site rating.

**Update 7/15**

After a month, I can now comment on reliability. It's great! I've had one glitch, which was more related to my router, but started with a brief outage this morning. I can't say enough about VOIPo's support. They responded within 10 minutes of my request, and even acknowledged my "all-clear" email that I sent after a router reboot fixed my issue.

After dealing with the frustration that is Vonage support, it's refreshing to deal with support staff that are actually technically involved with the product instead of just reading scripts in a call center. Bravo!


After having Vonage for a while I decided it was time to save some money. I've always felt that while Vonage is very reliable, there's been very little innovation. In fact, it seems like they flat out refuse to improve their offerings.

While doing some research, one name came up over and over: VOIPo.

Just about everyone seems to be happy with their service. Looking at their plans online, I saw a great promotional deal - 1 year for $99 ($135 total with E911 fees and taxes) free activation, and free ATA. Three months of Vonage would cost me $90, so it looked like a good deal.

I ordered online on a Thursday, and received the ATA on the following Monday. Plugged the box into my router and got dial tone. Incoming and outgoing calls work great so far, and the quality has been better than Vonage in my opinion.

Here's the part I really liked. I had a hard time accessing their customer forums last Friday, so I sent an email to customer support. I got a reply within 10 minutes that the problem was solved! Unbelievable!

So I begin a new chapter with VOIPo. To be fair, I am leaving the reliability score blank, since I haven't had them long enough to make that determination. The other scores so far are fair. The account control panel (vPanel) is very powerful, but not very intuitive. It does get the job done, however, so I give it an average mark. Everything else so far has been very good.

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