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Six Month Rating

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Review by RB480Ruger See Profile

  • Location: Denver,Adams,CO
  • Cost: $11 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Plug & Play, Very Good Quality, Great Great Price"
Bad "Need to add Help/info screens to VPanel"
Overall "100% Thumbs Up!"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I've only had service for 3 days, so it's too soon for a really conclusive review (my 'numbers' ratings reflect short term experience) but to date VOIPo has been absolutely great!

I have previous experience with SunRocket (2+years), Teleblend (only until I found an alternative), Future-Niee (short term try out) and Net2Phone (since Sunrocker crashed)...VOIPo was first that was truely plug and play.

Unpacked the RT31P2, added a DHCP reservation for it, plugged it in behind my home router...two minutes later was able to make a call! So far, I have to rate overall call quality better then my N2P lines.

I'll update this review after my secondary number is ported from N2P (scheduled to happen on 9/22) and I've had some time to use the service more extensively.

The Future-Nine PAYG (especially if you have an ATA) is a great value but VOIPo is a better value for my needs.

Update 09/23/2009:
My number was successfully ported from N2P to VOIPo as scheduled.

Update 11/18/2009:
No problems! Adding a second line to my VOIPo service and porting my main number.

Update: 11/21/2009:
Unpacked the RT31P2 for the second line...connected behind my home router...again "plug & play"...can make calls and recieve calls on the out of state virtual number. Have not yet received the porting date for my primary number.

Update: 12/13/2009:
My second number was ported on the scheduled date without any issues.

Update: 02/20/2010:
I missed the fact that my virtual number was initally setup as a temporary number..the confirmation email did state it was temporary but I missed that sentence. VOIPo dropped the number (without warning) while cleaning up temporary numbers that where still active. I have to commend and recommend the VOIPo customer service staff for the attention they paid to getting my virtual number into service correctly as a permanent number!! Thank you.

VPanel still needs help screens...which is why I've still rated it a 3.

Update 11/16/2012
I continue to be a happy camper with my VOIPo service. My original ATA died a week ago. Call support on Wednesday, the replacement ATA arrive on Saturday...plug and play.

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