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Six Month Rating

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Review by dwangel See Profile

  • Location: Milwaukee,Milwaukee,WI
  • Cost: $8 per month (24 month contract)
Good "Great Tech Support, Price and Voice Quality"
Bad "none so far"
Overall "Great Company and Product!"
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8.23.2014. Another great year of service. Small hiccups here and there. No big deal. With today's tech, everything has hiccups. Tell me one thing you did not have occasional hiccup on. I-phone? Plenty. internet outage? sure. Car (expensive car)? let's not even go there. Almost 4 years running now. I see Tim Cook is still tirelessly taking care of his customers on this board.

11.21.2013. It's been over three years now. I just thought of checking the reviews and found some unhappy experiences by other VOIPO customers. I thought to present an opposite point of view. For the last three years, I am happy to say my VOIPO service has been in smooth sailing almost all the time. I occasionally had issues with international calls. But after a short exchange with customer service, they were always able to fix it. I am also happy to say the customer service level has not dropped since I joined three years ago.

VOIPO is a perfect service for me. I am like everyone else, have a cell phone, email, Skype, facetime, etc. So I don't use my phone very much. A couple of my friends canceled their land line and carry their mobile phones on their belt clips in the house. It is so inconvenient. I pay VOIPO $8.0 a month and have six wireless phone handsets. I can pick up a phone from just about anywhere in my house. I love the features it offers. My most commonly used ones are blocking unwanted calls and forwarding calls when I travel.

Keep up the great work and great price VOIPO!

5.22.10. It's been four days since I hooked up VOIPo. I had been busy testing it. Calls to the USA works great. Today I placed two International calls. The call to China is crystal clear but very echoy. The other side needed to wait till my echoed voice stop before she could talk. For many people this maybe a problem. For me I can live with it because I use various internet services (such as Skype) to call China and they all echo to some degree. Maybe it is because of the distance. The call to England, however, was excellent. It is almost better than the calls domestically. It was crystal clear and no echo at all. It is like my dad was standing next to me. More update later.

5.17.2010. After 5 years, I finally said good bye to Vonage. I just could not take the ever increasing price any more. It is getting a bit of comical. But company got to make its decisions to stay financially viable. So as a consumer, I got to make my decisions to stay financially viable myself. The decision is VOIPo. My number was officially ported to VOIPo today.

So far my experience has been really good with VOIPo. Received adaptor quickly. Installation was a non-event. Plug in and I had a dial tone. Emailed support regarding number transfer. Answer was prompt. That was refreshing.

I was an early VOIP service adaptor, first as an employee user at Time Warner Cable for 2 years. Then after I left Timer Warner, I signed up with Vonage for 5 years. So far I am pleased with VOIPo. I already recommended to a friend of mine who is currently on Time Warner's triple-play plan. He is thinking about it, waiting to see how I fare with it.

Someone was saying VOIPo's website was un-professional. I think it is just fine. It's got everything I need. The most important thing is making sure phone works. I don't care if it does not have a fancy website.

I read a lot of reviews from here and it made me confident enough to sign up for two years. To repay the debt, I hope my positive review will help another as well.

I will keep updating this as time goes on.

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Happy with service

I signed on 08/10/2013 for two years. I reboot it twice in all this time. I can't ask for a better deal. I am very happy and highly recommend it. There are people that are always finding something to complain. We all know someone like that.
Give it a try, nothing to lose and a lot to be satisfied.