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Review by Parneli See Profile

  • Location: Naperville,Du Page,IL
  • Cost: $9 per month (48 month contract)
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Overall "Rock solid low cost voip"
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Update Jan 2013: Been with Voipo a few years now and there isn't much to say. It's never stopped working (unless my internet is down), and kinda like the old bell system I just don't give it a thought.

Back during the election when everyone was getting a dozen solicitations a night, I got maybe two during the whole thing. And I then blocked both of them using the Voipo website where you have a choice to send to voicemail, send a busy signal, send a disconnect signal etc. So if either of those numbers did ever try to call me again I didn't have to listen to the phone ring.

Highly recommended.

Update Aug 2011: Happy enough with the service to have renewed the contract during a promotion and now I'm about 1 year into a 4 year contract.

Also they changed some back-end stuff with faxing from their webpage, and I fax about 1 acrobat or word document a week and never have any problem.


6 months into a 2yr contract having switched after 5 years with Vonage. Had a bit of downtime at the beginning but it turned out to be a hardware failure that they can't be blamed for.

Vonage was fine and all, but the bill had worked its' way up to $30+ a month and when I signed a two year prepay with Voipo, it comes down to $9/mo. And that's not a typo.

The service hasn't been down at all that I've seen in the 6 months, when I had the above issue they were quick to remedy it and send out a replacement adapter.

The only thing I ever see people mention negative about Voipo is the website is a bit unintuitive. Considering how rarely I use it, it's almost a non-issue- and they're apparently working on a redesign.

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