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Review by djrobx See Profile

  • Location: Valencia,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $6 per month (48 month contract)
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "Great value!"
Bad "Website/UI is very primitive"
Overall "Fantastic value, great call quality. Very happy!"
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5/20/2013 Update

I've lived with that call connection problem for a long time now. The most common mode of failure would be I'd answer the phone and hear dead air. I finally figured out that many of the failed connections were the result of the ATA crashing instead of completing the call.

I brought this to VOIPo's attention. They first tried updating to the latest firmware, then they agreed to ship me a new ATA. Plugged in the new ATA, and now all is well. Finally I'm getting the reliability that I'm supposed to get!

VOIPo appears to have issued me a service credit for my trouble. That was very nice of them. I'm changing my ratings now that I know most of my service issues were with the hardware, not actual service. Back to being happy!

7/3/2012 Update

Unfortunately, the 1 way calls have steadily gotten worse. It got to a point where I was only able to make or receive calls around 50% of the time. Once established calls are clear and stay connected, its just getting there that's been a problem. When it's acting up I'll miss inbound calls too - I'll just see voicemails from people, and the phone will not have rang.

It seems like a capacity issue of some sort, perhaps worse in the evenings. Fortunately I haven't had a lot of trouble getting though to work's teleconference number in the morning, which is what I need this service for the most.

I've created a support ticket. They said they switched me to a different network or something, but it hasn't had any effect.

I hope this is just a temporary growing pain because I'm otherwise happy with the service.

Previous update:

I was previously a happy PhonePower customer. PhonePower offered a great "second year free" promo, which I enjoyed for the full duration. When those two years were up, they wanted full price to continue service.

To me, that's just begging for customers to look at other options. And so I did. People around here seemed to like VOIPo, and the feature list seemed to meet my requirements. I also wasn't using the land line nearly as much, so I was willing to take a risk for some savings.

Turns out they use the exact same ATA as PhonePower. Call quality, like PhonePower, has been excellent. I was also very pleased to find that emailed voicemail attachments have the CALLER ID NAME in the email, something I had been complaining to PhonePower about for years.

On the negative, PhonePower was slightly more solid, at least while connected to AT&T's U-verse service. Every once in a great while (maybe 1 every 100 calls) something odd happens with the VOIPo service (caller can't hear me, failed call, etc). It always resolves itself upon a subsequent calls. PhonePower never did anything weird like that. Once connected though, the calls are always crisp and clear, and I have always been able to get through hour-plus conference calls without any hiccups or trouble.

Comparing BYOD credentials, PhonePower was using a SIP proxy. VOIPo seems to use a direct connection. It's quite possible that AT&T's gateway is responsible for these (VERY MINOR) glitches. I've just recently switched to Road Runner internet. It will be interesting to see what effects this has on my VOIPo service.

My favorite thing about VOIPo so far is that they offered their EXISTING CUSTOMERS a "Black friday" deal for $150 to extend their contract for another two years. FINALLY, a company that actually WANTS ME TO STAY WITH THEM. Bravo, VOIPo!

My monthly cost reflects my initial $185 for two years, plus my $150 to extend the contract. Extremely happy with them.

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