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Review by rfs0123 See Profile

  • Location: Attleboro,Bristol,MA
  • Cost: $9 per month (24 month contract)
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We changed from Comcast Voice a little over a year ago to VOIPO, which offered similar services with more features and at a lower cost. We've had various issues from the beginning, including dropped calls, calls that would ring then one or the other party could not hear the other when connected. Most recently we lost the ability to check voice mails from the VOIPO number, although you could check them on line or via email, or by calling from an outside number. Yesterday after having many different issues, including the ability to make or receive calls, I rebooted everything, including the modem, ATA and wireless router. All seemed to be working again until today, when it started all over. I contacted support, was asked a few questions (position of ATA in Que, whether the adapter was connected to a single phone or house phone wiring and whether the adapter was plugged directly into the wall. Response was 1st after modem, yes, connected to house phone wiring and no, connected to a UPS. This was the response from their support staff:

"From: Erik H (support@voipo.com) 03:21PM 10/22/2012

We do not support the use of in house phone wiring. The equipment we provide is not designed to be used with in house phone wiring. Using it can damage the adapter. Please connect your phones in directly to the adapter and let us know if any issues continue.

Erik H"

I haven't had a single phoned house since the 1960's and even then I had an extension or three. If this is this true, what value can they possibly be to anyone, unless living in a single bedroom apartment?

I'm obviously at the end of my rope and more importantly, my wife's rope, which will shortly be around my neck for making this change.

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Mukwonago, WI

Inside wiring

To be fair, they don't support house wiring because it can add a lot of hassle to troubleshooting. In the past they've had me plug my phone directly in to troubleshoot, then when the issue is resolved I connect my home wiring back up. Also, if your in-house wiring is still connected to the phone company, it absolutely can damage the ATA.

Even the phone company won't support inside wiring unless you pay extra!
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Irvine, CA

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Reply from VOIPo Owner

Hello rfs0123,

I'm the owner of VOIPo and saw your review here.

Unfortunately we don't officially support house wiring because all houses are wired differently and without actually seeing it, we don't know how it's all wired, etc. If there is any other stuff running through the same wiring or connected in any way (even if not being used by you...the regular phone company could still be running through it unless physically disconnected outside), then that other current could damage the device or shorten its life. Without seeing what's what, we can't officially support house wiring.

The other reason we don't officially support house wiring officially is that the adapters only put out a limited amount of power and sometimes that's not enough to power a house that has a ton of jacks or devices wired up and that can cause sporadic problems. I can't tell you how many times we have people that are experiencing a ton of issues and then their issues go away when they (at our request) connect the phone directly to the device. This is a big variable since all houses are wired differently.

This doesn't necessarily mean that you can't use house wiring...many advanced users do if they're 100% sure their wiring has nothing else going through it and it's a reasonable amount for the small device to handle.

What it does mean though is that we can't officially support it or help you with it while connected to house wiring. We're more than happy to help if you connect a phone directly to the device even if it's temporarily. We just can't provide support with the phone connected to wiring that we know nothing about and have no control over since that's known to cause issues.

In a nutshell, our support policy is that we can only provide support when the device is connected in a direct way since that rules out the wiring as causing any issues.

I know it might be frustrating for you that we can't support your house wiring, but I hope that the above reasons at least help you understand somewhat why we have that policy.

Feel free to e-mail me directly at tim @ voipo.com if you have any further questions. Thank you for your business!

Best Regards,

Timothy Dick

Attleboro, MA

Re: Reply from VOIPo Owner

Just as an update, I removed the house wiring from the equation and connected my base station directly to the Grandstream ATA, then did a total reboot of the modem, ATA & router, in that order. In limited testing, I still had dial outs to silence and drop calls when we actually did make it through. VOIPO support did get back to me with a download link to check my connect/setup, which I'll try tonight to see whether our problem is external.

Tarzana, CA
·AT&T U-Verse

Home wiring... 20th century

I haven't had a single phoned house since the 1960's and even then I had an extension or three. If this is this true, what value can they possibly be to anyone, unless living in a single bedroom apartment?

This is not a comment on VOIPo; but most cordless phones nowadays are sold with a base and many handsets. I haven't used home wiring since 2003... It probably wouldn't work if I tried landline today
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Attleboro, MA

Re: Home wiring... 20th century

I removed the exterior connection to Verizon years ago. My house wiring basically less than 100 ft of telephone copper wire installed from the basement to the 1st floor, where I have one wireless base with four wireless phones. The only other phone on the system is an older style 'wired' phone in the event the power goes down. My modem, ATA & router are on a UPS, which can give me around 30 minutes of use, bust mostly to protect the system from power variations and flicker outages.