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  • Location: Gainesville,Alachua,FL
  • Cost: $5 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Vonage to VOIPO move - excellent experience"
Bad "None so far"
Overall "Excellent experience so far with excellent costs"
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Transfer from Vonage to VOIPO experience

Vonage to VOIP Switch Experience

Thought I'd post the experience I've had with voipo over the last 4 weeks.

Just like many I was working to reduce my family budget monthly costs. Since I was off my AT&T cell contract in July I switched my iphone from the AT&T plan at $130 per mon. to StraightTalk @ $45 per month. Bonus.

Somehow I came across VOIPO, noticed the 2 year special pricing deal they had, so I decided to take the leap. I have been with Vonage for 6+ years, even had locked in pricing for the unlimited plan @ $10 per month. But VOIPO costs would take me down to $5 per month. In the beginning with Vonage I had calls I couldn't make to certain numbers and other minor issues I needed to open a vonage support ticket for and report. Over time and many tickets the call routes for my device (Cisco Linksys PAP2) got worked out.

So I expected to have the same start-up issues with VOIPO.

I filled out the online VOIPO porting form, which opened a support ticket. The next day I got a reply back saying Vonage did not have my phone number registered under my home address but instead their address, and did I have my permission to resubmit the port request. I answered yes, and the process went through and started.

After the port was completed, I started to dial the numbers same area code and different that under vonage I originally had trouble dialing (network busy message, fast busy signal, etc). The calls went through from VOIPO without issue. I was pleasantly surprised. I had expected to encounter the same dial out issues I had with vonage with voipo. So far 4 weeks later that hasn't happened.

Inbound calls have been fine. I signed up with VOIPO to get the advanced call routing features Vonage doesn't offer. The only thing I miss from Vonage is the voice to text feature that would email me a translation of the call. But since I still get the voice message audio emailed to me I can live with that.

Call Quality seems to be better under VOIPO with the stream adapter. Vonage sounded more compressed, VOIPO sounds more crisp.

Of course I've only been a VOIPO customer for 4 weeks now. But so far their support department has been very responsive, and inbound and outbound calls working just fine.

I do expect occasional typical VOIP issues that go with this technology like QoS router warble settings issues, and the occasional need to reboot my device. I do understand it's VOIP and that these issues are to be expected from time to time. If you want perfect service you either have to go traditional land line or use your cell phone. But for $5 per month I can't beat it.

Looking forward to implementing some call routes to reduce the telemarketer calls and route numbers straight for voicemail I don't want calling us.

I read many a forum post on other peoples vonage to voipo experience, before I ported my number (tested voipo for 2 weeks). All I can say is my experience has been pretty close to perfect.

I'm waiting to see how voipo behaves over the next few months. If I have issues you can trust I will open a trouble ticket. Given my current support experience and the posts I've seen from the CEO guy I expect voipo to address my issues to my satisfaction.

All in all it's been a great transition. So far I'm glad I made the switch. Stay tuned I'll update in another 6 months.

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