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Six Month Rating

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Review by garuda See Profile

  • Location: Niles,Cook,IL
  • Cost: $7 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 15 days
Good "Good communication, easy installation and good value"
Bad "No visual voice mail, no remote admin app"
Overall "Rich features and good value"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Initially, I was not sure that VOIPo would work out for me. I had bad experience with Phone Power for 4 years and finally took a plunge after reading all pro and con reviews of VOIPo. Probably the biggest reason is seeing several posts from the owner responded to unfavorable reviews. Personally, that says a lot about the commitments to his company, products and customers. During the search, I found several voip companies do not have addresses or contact phone numbers! Those companies only communicate through email.

My VOIPo experience has been very good. From the start, they responded to my pre-sales question about the plan switching. Web order is simple and straight forward. Transfer phone number took about 2 weeks. Through out the process, VOIPo updated me on FOC date. Meanwhile, I asked them few questions regarding the web setups and other questions. All were answered, may not what I wanted to hear, but they responded.
Finally, on 12/10/12, the phone number is transferred and everything is working. Very happy now and hope that this continues.

Now the goods and the bads
1) The support team responses in timely manner. Note that all my supports are via email. Have not call in for live support, yet. The best part is that you see all support cases and response threads on the web, even on the pre-sales question. This makes it easy for me to track which issues are open.
2) The adapter is Grandstream 702. Extremely easy to set up. Just plug it in to my router. The surprise for me was that I didn't have to mess around with port forwarding. Comparing to PhonePower 4 years ago, it was very nice experience. With PhonePower, they wanted the adapter in front of the firewall. I had to reboot the PhonePower adapter many times.
3) SMS alert works without any problem.
4) Softphone works, however, VOIPo does not have app for softphone. I use 3CX (free) and works nice with my Android phone.
5)The telemarketer call blocking is quite good. Have not gotten junk call, yet.
6) The forums is quite active and has good information there.

1) No visual voice mail. With PhonePower, it is very nice to click and hear the voice mail right away instead of downloading the wave file.
2) No remote admin app. There are several times, I want to check the call logs. Without the app, the only option is to go to web and is quite difficult to do on a cell phone.
3) Cannot sort the contacts. This one surprises me. VOIPo provides ways to group contacts into different categories. However, you cannot sort them!
4) Not support house wiring. However, it works on my house.
5) Call quality is good on the receiving end. However, I kept hearing my own voice, very faint but audible (a little echo), don't know if it has anything to do with house wiring.

I hope that the experience will continue and VOIPo will improve the web interface and remote admin app soon.

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Castle Rock, CO

In-house Wiring

Regarding your cons, I wouldn’t expect any VoIP company to support in-house wiring.