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Review by ggultra2764 See Profile

  • Location: Cambridge,Washington,NY
  • Cost: $90 per month
  • Install: about 999 days
Good "No contract, get connection speeds on par with VZW connection."
Bad "Monthly price is a little steep, 20 GB is a little low for needs of my family, Millenicom being at Verizon's mercy."
Overall "R.I.P Millenicom- It's been a fun ride. A shame the carriers you got service from kept screwing you over."
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Install process:
Connection reliability:
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Value for money:

I've seen enough positive feedback regarding Millenicom since I first heard about the service back in 2009. $60 for unlimited data usage at that time seemed like a great offer compared to the measly 5 GB Verizon was serving up for me. But by the time I was on VZW for over 2 years and I could choose to jump ship without getting an ETF, Millenicom had restricted its unlimited plan to Sprint towers and the best I could get was 5 or 10 GB data plans. This wouldn't work for me as I normally use somewhere between 10 and 15 GB a month on my Verizon connection which I get throttled for monthly. Thankfully, I first agreed to the Verizon contract back in December 2007 meaning a grandfather clause kept me from dealing with the overage fees Verizon began to hammer on their new customers in March 2008. though I still had to deal with throttling.

It wasn't until just recently I heard that Millenicom bumped up their Advanced data plan cap to 20 GB that I finally decided to jump on the chance to get their service and take advantage of their January offer where I could get the modem for free and only deal with activation and shipping fees, plus monthly payment. The online order I did went smoothly and I was able to get it four days after making my order. The modem's no where as bulky as my old Sierrra Wireless 595U Aircard I had from VZW, though still wide enough where I had to get enough space for it to fit on one of my laptop's USB ports. I did follow the instructions provided to me with the modem to install the access manager, though I did get a little confused when the installation program was nagging me for a file it needed to continue running.

So far on my first day, connection's been running smoothly as I am getting speeds about on par with my VZW connection which shouldn't be of much surprise for me considering Millenicom gets connections via Sprint and Verizon's towers. I'm glad to finally get something more reasonable from Millenicom.

UPDATE (2/2/2011): Switched out the access manager coming with the modem for the one from Verizon. Had no way to know how much data I'm using per month with the other one thus the switch. So far, I'm still retaining a good connection with the modem. The bandwidth fluctuated for a bit today, but I imagine it was only something up with the tower nearby since I was hammered by a snow storm. Latest speed test results I took via Speedtest.net are 1.13 Mbps for download and 0.39 Mbps for upload with 139 ms for latency.

UPDATE (6/21/2011): Approaching the five month mark since hopping over to Millenicom. Connection's still holding up well for me for the most part with the occasional drop to 1XRTT speeds which is mostly the fault of my nearby tower. Latest speed test results I took via Speedtest.net are 1.18 Mbps for download and 0.49 Mbps for upload with 210 ms for latency.

UPDATE (1/22/2012): Been on Millenicom for nearly a year. Like many folks, I was a victim of the frequent fluctuating data speeds that hit Millenicom users from a couple months ago to the point where I was barely getting 300-400 kbps in data speed at points. The problem has been gone for about a month now and I've noticed a great amount of improvement in my data speeds as of late meaning either my nearby tower must have been upgraded or less people in my area are using the tower for 3G data coverage from Verizon. As of this update for my speed test, I clocked in at 1.76 Mbps for download speed and 0.51 Mbps for upload speed.

UPDATE (4/1/2013): Now been a Millenicom customer for over two years now. Recently decided to switch over to the 3G/ 4G Hotspot plan since my mother was in need of a new Internet connection since the Sierra Wireless 595U aircard she's had from Verizon Wireless for over 5 years now has started to break apart on her and figured I'd get it since Verizon's nearing completion on covering their network with LTE and I still only get EVDO/ 1XRTT speeds out here. Since my mother's desktop computer lacked the ability to connect to wireless on its own, I also winded up buying a Wi-Fi adapter off Millenicom so she would be capable of connecting to the hotspot

I'll admit my experiences with it were tricky for the first couple weeks I had it due to this being my first-time effort with personally playing administrator with the hotspot and knowing the ins and outs of working with it. My main snag was since I had the hotspot upstairs in my second-floor bedroom, my mother could barely get a workable connection for it from her downstairs computer and the hotspot was only covering the upstairs of our house with effective coverage. So I had to wind up buying a range extender to increase the effective range of the hotspot (know routers would be more potent with coverage and range, but the extender wasn't so costly) and have my mother's computer connect to the extender instead of the hotspot to get her a workable connection.

Knowing how to work the hotspot now and having two floors of our house covered in wireless with both hotspot and extender, the hotspot's been working really well. Though I only get EVDO on it right now, I still get a great connection with it with both my laptop and mother's computers connected and the latency is a great improvement over my old USB 760 modem I had from my old 3G Advanced plan, with some instances where I get latency below 100 ms. In the latest speed test I did with the hotspot via my laptop, I got 1.15 Mbps for down speed and 0.61 Mbps for up speed with a latency of 125 ms.

UPDATE (4/20/2014)- Now been on Millenicom for over 3 years now. Up to this point, I had been using both my hotspot and reactivated 3G advanced plans for data services from them and I've had LTE coverage out here for the hotspot since June of last year. But with news of monthly rates going up for both devices and a hard cap being enforced on them starting in May, I'm planning to kill my 3G Advanced plan to cut on costs for the bill as I can't afford being hit up for $180 a month for two devices, especially when one of them is for a grandfathered plan Millenicom no longer offers. $90 a month for 20 GB of data use is still cheaper than what you would get hit up on a contract from Verizon for. But I'm now gonna have to look into getting a cheaper means of data to use as a backup option and that's likely gonna come from my prepaid AT&T cell phone plan I'm on, because I'm not coughing up an extra $90 to Millenicom for data I'm not gonna use the full amount of each month.

UPDATE (5/17/2014)- Now have a new issue with Millenicom in the form of their data usage information not always being current. If they're enforcing a hard cap now, would be nice if the data usage information was updated more frequently so I know how close me and my family are getting to their 20 GB cap. It's gotten bad enough where I've had to more frequently rely on Verizon Wireless' site to get that information, despite the fact I get the impression the information may not be accurate since Millenicom's records for a day when they update have it as being different (12.5 GB from Millenicom as of Thursday when I contacted them vs Verizon having me close to 13 GB).

I upgraded my prepaid cell phone with AT&T to give me 2.5 GB of data with tethering/ hotspot functionality to use as my backup for data use. Will see how it gets me through the rest of this month. Suffice to say with my complaints that I have over Millenicom being at Verizon's mercy, this is regrettably the best option I can get out here for Internet in terms of price and data use.

UPDATE (8/2/14)- After getting complaints from family over having to cut data speed or connections over the past few months to conserve on usage due to Millenicom's new rules and price hike, I've been forced to have to cave into paying for 20 GB of additional data effective this month in the event we get close to the regular data cap. This is regrettably gonna be adding more to what I pay each month for wireless technology from $150-$180 each month to now possibly $225. I really hope either I get something better for Internet from a regional provider sometime soon or Millenicom's able to work something out with Verizon so I'm not paying a freakin' arm and a leg each month just to get Internet out where I am.

UPDATE (10/24/14)- Well after three years of being a Millenicom customer, I've winded up having to jump back over to Verizon Wireless thanks to our Millenicom accounts being taken over by Verizon. Since VZW hadn't been in touch with me over any offers they would extend to me for a wireless plan over the past week, I decided to jump over on VZW using my hotspot at a retail store just this morning. It appears I didn't need a phone at all to take advantage of VZW's "double data" offer as I've locked in on getting 40 GB off them for $130/ month before taxes kick in. I'm not in a contract, so hoping to ride things out until a regional provider can build out coverage my way for me to get service off them. Been a fun ride the past three and a half years off Millenicom as I enjoyed the lower cost I got to pay for more data before Verizon ruined things. A shame it had to end this way.

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