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Six Month Rating

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Review by Duramax08 See Profile

  • Location: San Antonio,Bexar,TX
  • Cost: $60 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "20 GB cap for $60 via verizon and no overage fees"
Bad "Somewhat high start up cost"
Overall "Its awesome!"
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Install process:
Connection reliability:
Value for money:
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Cricket was crapping out and very unreliable. I had to look at my options again and decided to try out millenicom. I heard they resell verizon and sprint. Knowing my bad luck with sprint, I wanted verizon. After finding out the 5 and 20 GB cap plan was verizon, I ordered the 20 GB or "advanced" plan and got the u760 modem. For the modem, activation and first month, total was around $205. Ouch, but only one way to find out. 2 days later I had a box in the mail. Opened it up, Plugged it into my CradlePoint MBR95, plugged it into my existing antenna and I was up and running. Holy crap, the speeds!


been playing l4d2 with little to no lag. Going to try out Halo reach soon, possibly some other games. Will report back with result.

Im so stoked

Update 3/19/2012

Had service for awhile and its been an awesome ride. Been playing l4d2 on pc and halo reach on 360 with little to no lag at all. Bad news, they got rid of the advance plan for new orders which suck because I was going to show my sister the service but not anymore =/. Im able to watch youtube videos with little to no buffering. I have not yet tried netflix knowing it would eat through my cap.

Update 9/17/2012

All is well except for my mbr95. The wireless function seems to be iffy so I disabled it, hooked up my old cisco wireless router and it runs like a champ. I did try netflix when I was on my breaking bad-athon. I just finished up one season which was a cliff hanger and instead of waiting for a coworker to give me the next season, I watched the next episode on netflix. It worked just fine, just gave it a little like to buffer in the beginning but after that it worked great. I think a 45 min sd show was like 200-300 mb which is quite a bit for me. Other then that ive been playing TF2 and L4D2 with no problems.

I am quite pleased with millenicom, I might be setting up my sister next since she tethers with her 2gb iPhone plan :/.

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