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Review by criggs See Profile

  • Location: New York,New York,NY
  • Cost: $70 per month (month by month)
Good "Much higher monthly data caps than anything you will get from the big carriers"
Bad "Very little they can do if one experiences network issues since they don't own their own network"
Overall "If one is very dependent on wireless Internet, this is one of the best deals around"

I was one of those unfortunate Sprint customers who thought he had an unlimited 2-year contract for 4G Wimax on my laptop. I won't go into the painful details; the bottom line was that though I was able to fight and win on the issue of the exorbitant overage fees they charged me, I was still compelled to leave Sprint because of my data download needs.

I switched to Millenicom. I already had the Sprint Overdrive Pro hotspot, so I subscribed to the Millenicom BYOD plan with that device.

There's really not much to tell. I was a little concerned that my 4G Wimax experience might be a little different, or a lot different, from my experience with Sprint, even though Millenicom uses the same network. I need not have worried; the experience indeed was identical.

And so matters have been until March. In March Sprint began upgrading towers in my area for something they call the Network Vision upgrade, and my Wimax performance is now well under spec. As soon as LTE makes its appearance in my area, I will be making the switch. Millenicom has told me that if I can score an LTE Tri-Fi hotspot somewhere, probably on eBay, they will be glad to switch my account from the Overdrive Pro to the Tri-Fi. So that's the option toward which I'm currently leaning, meaning I'm leaning toward taking no action at all for the time being. My current Wimax performance is currently akin to a good 3G experience, so I figure I can live with that until they light the LTE.

I'm bumping into another problem however. Increasingly I'm finding that Millenicom's 50 gig cap is causing a problem for me. In the beginning I never had to worry about it; I rarely went above 40 gigs. Some months I didn't even crack 30.

No more. Now I'm finding myself always cracking 40. In some months I've even hit the 50 gig mark and have forced myself to turn off the Overdrive Pro and depend on the kindness of the frequently weak, slow and unreliable WiFi networks in my area, which is a pain, until the first of the month comes around. In fact, this is one of the worst such months in a while; I hit the 50 gig cap yesterday and have been relying on WiFi since yesterday, and won't be able to go back to the Overdrive until the 1st.

So just waiting until LTE lights up in my area and then switching out my Millenicom plan to the Tri-Fi doesn't really solve my whole problem. I need either a higher cap or unlimited.

Here seem to be my options at the moment, options that address both my poor Wimax experience currently and my need for a higher monthly data allotment.

1: Wireless 'n' WiFi offers unlimited wireless Internet with a Tri-Fi. But they do not allow BYOD. Moreover, they do not offer a contract; their deal is month-to-month. This means that the upfront damage to start an account is quite steap, over $200. That upfront charge is the most important drawback to this option. The monthly payment however is more reasonable, $79.99.

2: Sprint now offers unlimited wireless Internet again for laptops. If one purchases a 3 gig plan with the Tri-Fi at $34.99 a month, Sprint caps the overage fees at $75. I would obviously go way over 3 gigs every month, so that means I would pay $34.99 plus $75 every month probably, making for a monthly total of $109.99. While the upfront activation charges are nominal, that is a very hefty increase in my monthly payments, an extra $40 a month compared to my current $70 with Millenicom. That translates to an extra $480 a year, which is not chump change obviously.

3: Millenicom hinted in an email to me that they are thinking about generating a more "robust" plan, and hoping to unveil it by the start of summer. I presume they're talking about something like, say, a 70 gig plan for $90 or something like that. Of course, the obvious drawback with this option is that it's not available yet. And when it become available, it might be something which really doesn't address my issue, e.g. 55 gigs a month for $100 a month or something like that. And I'm really not comfortable with the idea of living with very poor Internet for another month or two or three months while I wait for Millenicom's pig in a poke.

In addition, I'm in the process of investigating whether Verizon Wireless has created a backdoor pricing structure that allows unlimited downloads, as Sprint has now done. If Verizon Wireless gives me info that warrants it, I'll be coming back her to, er, revise and extend my remarks, as the senators say.

The bottom line is that, while it's not really Millenicom's fault, I'm once again in the market for a wireless Internet plan; my current arrangement no longer really works for me.

I posted this review because DSL Reports Administration asked me for an update on my situation; that is because my last review, written in 2010, is very old and, in their opinion, needed updating. So here is that update. Maybe someone will find it useful.

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