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Review by toccata See Profile

  • Location: Morrison,Jefferson,CO
  • Cost: $80 per month
Bad "Awful"
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Before contact Millenicom I checked with Sprint if the service available because it was not before...Sprint says they had added towers but since I am signing with Mollenicom, of which the CSR had no knowledge of existence they advised me to check with Millenicom. I called Millenicom Sales & Services, was on hold for about 20 min. got the representative on line that is working from the home: child is crying, dog was barking and she was able only to send me to the website while I was specific: if there is a service available. I was told to sign and since it was a weekend to wait until Monday to get device activated and pay on line activation fee $50 and the month in advance. I did. Services are not available. The business refuse to issue a refund for charges. They also neglected to unlock the hot spot mi-fi device that I own. It took several times to call to get that done. No refund still: they say that their "policy". I asked to e-mail their "policy" but the business haven't done that either.

Awful. Millenicom perhaps makes the most revenue of sales what they don't have and never provide.

Almina Kaselis

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To The Moon
San Antonio, TX

return policy

Millenicom has a 24-48 hour return. Once you receive the package in the mail and you find that you dont get service as mentioned, you can call them up letting them know your situation informing them it doesnt work. They then will work with you to setup a RMA for returning it. I had a friend that signed up by accident for the sprint plan (she doesnt have good sprint signal). Once she found out that she didnt get a signal, she called them informing them and they set up a return for the device. I think she had to pay for shipping, but that was it. She later swapped it out for the 20GB plan which is through verizon.


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Just a MVNO...WTF?

I've had NO issues with Millenicom. Please understand a MVNO(Mobile Virtual Network Operator) is just that. VIRTUAL. They consist of a billing and marketing department. Tech support comes from owners manuals. It is what it is. The ideal situation is a Sprint phone(or whatever carrier your Millenicom device uses). If your home tower is the issue, both your phone and BB will be affected. Call Sprint and bitch about your phone and BAM! your BB is fixed.

Cut the MVNO some slack unless you have billing problems with them.

Want the real deal map for the carriers go here »sensorly.com/map/4G/US/USA/Sprin ··· 10sprint

Maps are updated frequently by users with the Sensorly app installed. Mostly tekkie truck drivers. It works quite well.

Queen Anne, MD

Re: Just a MVNO...WTF?

Perhaps if Millenicom marketed their product and were up front about them being a MVNO it would be easier for customers to understand. However, they have never done that instead choosing to outsource their tech support and providing the dismal support that goes along with it. They should have provided better service to the OP and a more streamlined return process not to mention better customer service. Just because you have had good experience doesn't mean everyone will.

North, VA

Re: Just a MVNO...WTF?

Millenicom is upfront. It's not their problem if people can't understand they are a reseller of Sprint and Verizon wireless. If people want their hands held they should purchase the service directly from Sprint or Vz.

Queen Anne, MD

Re: Just a MVNO...WTF?

said by Jack_in_VA:

Millenicom is upfront.

Go fish. Where on their website does it say, imply, or anything else that they are simply a MVNO or reseller of a service? Nowhere.