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Review by DS256 See Profile

  • Location: Beaumaris,ON
  • Cost: $30 per month
Good "Cheaper than Bell ; no contract or credit card required"
Bad "Connection influenced by weather (I think) ; usage not available yet"
Overall "For what I need it for ; working 1 day a week from the cottage ; works great"
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Install process:
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*UPDATE* Selected Rogers Portable Hub which seems to work well. My son complains of performance issues but I have none. Note that they will tell you VPN is not supported but it is on the Hub that has phone service.

*UPDATE* Bell and Rogers are shutting down their Portable Internet. I am looking for a seasonal ISP service that Rogers provided but can't get any response that they will continue to offer a seasonal plan.

I have a cottage outside of Windemere in the Muskoka region of Ontario, about 3 hours north of Toronto. I wanted an inexpensive internet solution I could use from May to October and suspend/cancel during the winter months. I had all sorts of trouble getting information from Bell (of which I have satellite at the cottage) so ended up going with Rogers after looking through Forum discussions.

I believe the tower I run off of is visible from the the front of my cottage. I have the modem in the rear of the 2nd floor. Get 1-2 lights there and it works well. If I take it to the front of the cottage I get 3-4 lights.

Just like at home, beware if you connect directly to the modem and make sure you have good firewall software installed. I actually picked up a TrendNet Wi-Fi router for $30 from Tiger Direct. This means my portable internet now is Wi-Fi wireless

I've been using it for about 3 weekends now with no problems except I can see my usage on-line. I have a 10GB cap and would like to see my consumption rate. Called Rogers and they flagged my account that no overage charges will apply this month.

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