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Review by J E F F See Profile

  • Location: Kitchener,ON
  • Cost Contract price not specified. (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "Seems to be pretty reliable up to this point."
Bad "None. Although you do not get advertised speeds."
Overall "If you bug them enough, you'll get a good deal."
Pre Sales Information:
Install process:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Back in May Rogers had a deal for the Rocket Stick and Laptop for $0 on a 2 year contract...I had no need for another netbook laying around the house, and asked if they could discount me. So I got a 1 GB deal for $21.25 + taxes and standard fee's. I haven't come real close to 1 GB yet, maybe 600MB tops, but it has been pretty useful. I do believe I am on the 7.2 MB connection, which I get pretty close to most days. No disconnects yet. The unit gets rather warm and is a huge battery drain, just so you know. It does not come with software for Linux, but the newer version of Linux recognize the card (USB) and it will work flawlessly.

January - 2012

As noted above, and under "bad", Rogers claims speeds up to 21MB, I only get 7.2 max. Not really an issue, since my monthly is only 1GB. Also, I find for data, my iPhone 4 works better in area's with poor signal. (with Hotspot enabled) So at the end of this term (May) I will no longer need this product.

Rogers could make a killing off of this device, I do believe data is cheap enough to do over the air, so for people not using a lot of GB's, they could offer this rather than a modem and cable. But what do I know about marketing, I am only the consumer.

January 2013 -- Rogers called me around October asking me to upgrade my device. I told them I had no interest since I only use this device occasionally, but they told me my price wouldn't go up ($6/month). Primary use will be for when I go up to the cottage, so it does fulfill a purpose in the end...

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