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Review by PX Eliezer70 See Profile

  • Location: Hutt River
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Overall "Good basic VoIP service but low on modern features."
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Vitelity provides good basic service, and has a reputation for reliability.

As a service that is BYOD and PAYG, it would compete with CallCentric and Voip.MS, and Anveo.

However, Vitelity's call forwarding features are limited compared to those other companies. For example, Vitelity cannot direct a call to a SIP URI address.

I believe that the Vitelity Control Panel is a bit basic (again, compared to the competition). For example, if you want to review call records, you must request a file to be prepared and e-mailed to you.

Vitelity does have some notable points, such as offering dedicated fax numbers, and supporting IAX.

Other than that, however, I believe that their competitors in the BYOD/PAYG market are more innovative.

ADDED 09/14/2011:

Vitelity has a spiffy new public face to their website, which looks quite nice and highlights their services quite well.

However, they have not yet updated their customer portal, so after login the experience still is a little flat.

Those changes may be coming soon as well, with Vitelity discussing "new V3 customer platform" at the current Austin trade show.

ADDED 11/10/2011:

As I also note below, they still need to e-mail you a file if you want CDR (call detail records). This seems a little surprising, as even some very small providers allow you to see this data in realtime.

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