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Review by b_p_smith See Profile

  • Location: Merrickville,ON
  • Cost: $60 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "3.5GHz means no interference. No weather-related issues. Support fairly responsive"
Bad "Reliability not always the best, Low bandwidth cap & speeds for price"
Overall "If you have a land-based option, choose it. Look at all options."
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Install Co-ordination:
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Update 2012: RipNet was bought out by Xplornet late in 2011. They've been struggling with interference issues on the 3.5GHz system. They've decided that over the summer of 2012 they'll be "upgrading" all RipNet wireless customers to Xplornet's 4G WiMAX wireless. The packages are pretty decent (faster speeds for the same price), but there'll be a 1-time service fee to swap out the gear (mine was $124 with a 2-year contract).

RipNet itself will be shutting down the wireless system entirely, likely by the end of 2012. I suspect the company itself may disappear at that time, having been fully absorbed by Xplornet.

I got my Xplornet WiMAX install done yesterday. It's a bit early to post a review yet, but I will.

--- Original (and now fairly pointless) review ---

I'm on the "Power User" package, which is $60/month and gives me 3Mbps/512kbps with a 15Gbps/month bandwidth cap.

- I've never seen 3Mbps. Typical is around 2Mbps, often slower. Up speed is pretty solid though.

- There are rent-to-own options (3yr contract), or you can buy the hardware (I did, to avoid the contract). Install is $200 for a "normal" install, and up if you need funky stuff (like a tower).

- blocks common incoming ports, but not all. You're not supposed to run "servers".

- 15Gbit download cap makes it problematic for power users, SOHO users. Even the "business" account offers the same service (at a higher price of course). There are no higher-cap options.

- Often suffers from short disconnects. Most home users might not notice if it reconnects quickly (and automatically). VPN users will not be pleased.

- Once in a while, but luckily very rarely, will go down for hours on end. This is becoming increasingly rare though, maybe a couple of times a year.

- When I do have to contact Support, I usually get a response back very quickly, and usually correct.

- As with all wireless options, depending on your location you may need a tower. A new customer would be wise to educate himself on options, lest they be stuck with a crappy tripod and 20ft+ mast bolted to their roof (which they'll push as a "valid" option).

- I was an early-adopter, but I've heard the whole order/survey/install process is pretty painless now, *if* you're set up with line-of-sight.

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